Bluetiful Quilt Sew-Along: Week 7

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2023 Maywood Studio Maker
I am a 2023 Maywood Studio Maker!
Posted by Shari on June 7th, 2024

'Blue'tiful Quilt Pattern Sew-Along!

Hello again!

We are quickly coming to the end of the Bluetiful Quilt Sew-Along.  If you are creating the Lap size, this is your final week.

This week, we are putting those beautiful Log Cabin blocks together for a border.  Follow the instructions in your Creatively Yours Pattern Book starting about half-way down on page 10.

Let's get started!


Bluetiful Quilt Sew-Along

Here is where we left off last week from the Center Medallion for the Bluetiful Quilt.
Bluetiful Quilt Sew-Along
(Sorry for the bad lighting in this photo.  I think I forgot to turn off my cutting table overhead light.)

Sew your Log Cabin blocks into two rows. 

Sewing Tip:
  • Pins are your friend to help match up intersecting blocks!
  • Don't be in a rush.
Bluetiful Quilt Sew-Along
Add those rows to the top and bottom of the Center Medallion.

Sewing Tip: 
  • Watch the orientation of the blocks and the rows.
  • Pin! Pin! Pin!
Bluetiful Quilt Sew-Along
Do the same for adding the Log Cabin borders to the sides.

Sewing Tip: 
  • Continue to watch your block and row orientation AND watch those corner blocks.  They are going their own direction, not in usual orientation of the other blocks.  (Of course, you can take creative liberty with the corner blocks if you prefer a different orientation.)
  • Pin! Pin! Pin!
Bluetiful Quilt Sew-Along
Yahoo!  All sewn together with a border and the Lap size quilt is done.  Quilt, bind, and label to your preference.

I created the Queen size quilt, so join me next week as we continue with the Bluetiful Quilt.

See you next week for Piecing the Queen Final Border!
'Blue'tiful Quilt Pattern Sew-Along Schedule:

4/20/2024 - Week 1: Introduction & Fabric Requirements

4/27/2024 - Week 2: Cutting

5/04/2024 - Week 3: Creating Cat's Cradle Blocks

5/11/2024 - Week 4: Creating Half Square Triangle Variation Blocks

5/18/2024 - Week 5: Creating 6" Log Cabin Blocks

5/25/2023 - Week 6: Catch-Up Week

6/01/2024 - Week 7: Piecing Center Medallion

6/08/2024 - Week 8: Piecing Log Cabin Block Border - We are here!
If you are doing the Lap Size.  This is your final week.

6/15/2024 - Week 9: Piecing Final Border for Queen Size

6/22/2024 - Week 10: Finish!!

The Bluetiful Quilt Pattern Sew-Along articles will be published here on our blog. 

Bluetiful Quilt Kits are available but supplies are limited. 

Want to use your own fabrics?  No problem.  I understand many of you are using your stash fabrics.  Or maybe you want permission to shop for some new fabrics.  The Creatively Yours Pattern Book is available separately.

The Bluetiful Quilt pattern is required to participate as no cutting/sizing information will be given.  The Bluetiful quilt pattern is one of many patterns in the Creatively Yours Pattern Book available HERE.

This is not a Zoom Class and there is not a specific time to check in.  Sew at your own pace as you follow along with me on the Sew-Along schedule.

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