Long Arm Machine Quilting Service

Bear Creek Quilting Company Long Arm Machine Quilting Service

Congratulations!  You have completed your pieced quilt top.  Don't let it become another top in the pile of unfinished tops.  Let us help you turn it into a magical quilt.  We can quickly, and easily, baste those layers together, stitch out a beautiful design, and bring your quilt to life.  All that is left, when you receive your returned quilt, is to add the binding.  You, or your special someone, will be snuggling up in your beautiful quilt before you know it!

Note:  Do not ship your quilt top and backing until you have called our Customer Service Specialist.  An "Intake" Number must be visible on your package, before it will be accepted at time of delivery.  Please read carefully and follow the steps at the bottom of the page.

Our Machines:
We currently have a team of two hard working Gammill Statler Computerized Long Arm Quilting Machines to help you out.  Our "Rosie" has a 30" throat on a 12' frame and her sister "Ruby" has a 30" throat on a 14' frame.

Quilt Preparation Checklist:

We will treat your quilt as our own, exercising our high standard of care and service.  We want you to be happy with your quilting design.  Please go through the checklist to be sure you have done everything necessary to enable us to do the best job possible with your quilt.  Understand that machine quilting will not “fix” fullness, puckering, poor sewing, inadequate seam allowance, improperly measured borders, or the squareness of your quilt, etc.

  1. In order to properly load your quilt onto our long arm quilting machines, your backing must be a minimum of 4" larger on all four sides than the pieced quilt top.  Maximum width for our largest machine is 144".  (We do not accept bed sheets or blankets as a backing fabric.)
  2. All threads must be trimmed.
  3. Quilt top and backing must be flat and well pressed; any embroidery or applique must lay flat without loose fabric or threads, no embellishments (buttons, sequins, pins), no loose fabric, etc.
  4. If the quilt top or backing is directional, please indicate with a pinned note.

We offer an "all-inclusive" price based on the size of your quilt top of 3 1/2¢ per square inch

Price includes:  Quilter's Dream Batting (Bamboo, Blend, Cotton, or Wool), Thread, Quilt Design, and return shipping. 
We have a $65 minimum charge per quilt.

Measure your quilt top.  Here is the formula:  Length x width x .035 = $ Price

A credit card is required at time of Intake.  Your card will be charged at time of completion of your quilt.  Your quilt will not be released/shipped until payment authorization is confirmed.  If payment authorization is delinquent past 60 days of completion, your quilt will be considered property of Bear Creek Quilting Company.  Every attempt will be made to contact to you, if there are any payment concerns.

Tight or dense quilting design size requests may be subject an additional service charge.

Our online Gift Certificates can be applied towards our service.  Your Gift Certificate number will be required at the time of intake.

Loyalty Reward Program:  We will keep track of how many quilts you send to us.  Your 10th quilt is 50% off!  Thank you for entrusting us with your treasures.

We supply Quilter's Dream Batting, only available at independent quilt shops and produced in the USA.  All batting types are machine washable and low dry.  (To ensure the best quaility machine quilting outcome, we do not accept customer supplied batting.)

Your batting choices are:
Quilter's Dream Blend 70% Cotton/30% Polyester (considered a mid loft)
Quilter's Dream Bamboo (considered a mid loft)

Quilter's Dream 100% Wool (considered a high loft)
Quilter's Dream Natural 100% Cotton - Request Loft (considered the lowest loft)

Quilter's Dream Natural 100% Cotton - Deluxe Loft  (considered a high loft)

We use two kinds of thread:  Fil-Tec Glide and Superior Omni.  Both are polyester, machine washable and low dry.

We use the same thread for the top and bottom stitches.  Please think of your thread color choice carefully, based on your pieced top fabrics and your backing fabric colors.  Glide thread has a slight shine or shimmer to the polyester thread, so the threads may be more visible within the quilting design.  Omni thread is flat, meaning no shine/shimmer, and allows the stitching to meld into the fabrics.

We will select the closest thread tone you have chosen to blend with your fabrics.  If you prefer your thread color to be bold, please let us know at the time of Intake.

Long Arm Machine Quilting Service:
We offer an "edge-to-edge" or "all-over" machine quilting service.  The quilting design will start on one side of the quilt, quilting a repeat design across to the other side of the quilt.  This will repeat in rows down the length of your quilt.  Most quilting designs can be "nested" as to not actually see rows but a beautiful quilting design that stitches all the quilt layers together. 
This type of service does not allow for stopping or quilting around certain blocks, fabrics, or images.  We offer this quilting service as a way for you to get your quilt beautifully finished, without the struggles of machine quilting on your domestic home machine or having to crawl on the floor to baste your layers together.

Quilt designs currently available are shown HERE  and HERE  more will be added over time.  We create practice pieces with every new design to ensure the best possible results, before using a new design on a customer quilt.
(Note:  The design files may take a few minutes to download due to the file sizes.)
(Design file updated with new additions 01/22/2024.)

Trimming of the excess backing and batting is included.  If you prefer to not have your quilt trimmed, please let us know at time of Intake.

At this time, we do not offer a quilt binding service.
For non-quilters wanting to finish a loved one's quilt, binding service may be available for an additional charge and by special request.

Online Customers:
After you have spoken with our Customer Service Specialist and received an Intake Number, you can ship your quilt top and backing.  Shipping your quilt top and backing to us is your responsibility and Bear Creek Quilting Company accepts no liability for lost packages.  We accept USPS, UPS, and FedEx deliveries at our facility.  If you are an online customer, return shipping is included in your quoted price.  A signature will be required upon delivery, when we ship your quilt.

Local Customers:
After you have spoken with our Customer Service Specialist and received an Intake Number, you can ship your quilt top and backing or drop it off at our facility.  We will contact you when your quilt is ready for pickup.

Turn Around Completion Times:
An approximate completion date will be given at the time of Intake.  Rush service is available.  Please refer to the Intake Form for extra charge.


Step by Step Process:
Ready to get started? 

  1. Download a copy of our Intake Form HERE(Form updated 8/28/2023.)
  2. Call our Customer Service Specialist to go over your form at 541-905-3119 during normal business hours; Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm (Pacific Time).
  3. Place a copy of your completed Intake Form, along with your signed Service Authorization, in your package.
  4. Ship or drop off your quilt top and backing.  We suggest placing your top, backing and Intake Form in a plastic bag before placing in your shipping box.

Address your package as below:
Bear Creek Quilting Company
Attn:  Machine Quilting Intake #XXXXXX
2175 South Main Road
Lebanon, OR 97355

Packages not addressed correctly, will not be accepted at time of delivery.
Note:  Do not ship your quilt top and backing until you have called our Customer Service Specialist.  An "Intake" Number must be visible on your package, before it will be accepted at time of delivery.