NICU Baby Quilt Challenge 2024

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Posted by Shari on April 15th, 2024

NICU Baby Quilt Challenge 2024!

We have exciting news!  We are starting a new challenge to help little ones and their families by giving them the comfort of a quilt.

NICU Baby Quilt Challenge
Fabrics pictured above are Honeybloom by Moda.

Quilts are such an amazing creation of love that are so much more than just pieces of fabric sewn together.  Let's share that love with babies fighting to become strong enough to go home.

NICU Baby Quilt Challenge
We are partnering with Salem Hospital's NICU in Salem, Oregon, to send them beautiful baby quilts.

NICU stand for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  Babies are there in case of an unplanned complication or premature birth as early as 26 weeks gestation.

NICU Baby Quilt Challenge
Last year, Salem Hospital's NICU gave out approximately 1,500 quilts to babies while in their care. 

Our goal is to donate 500 baby quilts during our two month NICU Baby Quilt Challenge. 

Will you help us achieve that goal?

NICU Baby Quilt Challenge
Quilts can be as simple or complex as you want, so it's open for every level of quilter to take part!  Who doesn't like another reason to play with beautiful fabric?  And this is a stash buster for a good cause!

There is no set size, but the suggestion is 30" x 36". 

Please do NOT use flannel as it tends to catch on stitches and these babies don't need any more discomfort. 

NICU also asks for donations to NOT be laundered with fabric softner or anything scented.  They will be sanitizing all donations, so it's better to not wash at all than with anything potentially harmful. 

Soothing fabric prints and colors have been suggested to keep stimulation at a minimum.

Below are a few quick and easy pattern ideas:
NICU Baby Quilt Challenge
Moda Love Quilt  comes in 3 different sizes; Mini Charm, Charm, and Layer Cake. 

The Charm pattern is perfect at 32" x 32".  Use 5" Charm Packs or cut your own from yardage and/or scraps.

Moda Love Quilt Pattern is available HERE.

NICU Baby Quilt Challenge
Jane's Ladder Quilt  can be easily modified for a smaller quilt by decreasing the number of blocks used.  The design is quick to stitch and the blocks are darling.

Jane's Ladder Quilt Pattern is availabe HERE.

NICU Baby Quilt Challenge
I recently become obsessed with large Log Cabin Blocks.  Mine are 12 1/2" unfinished.  These work up quickly and are fun for randomly coordinating fabric prints and colors.  I only need nine of these blocks for a NICU Baby Quilt.

Accurate trimming is a breeze to create neat looking blocks using the Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool.

Sew....let's get quilting! 

With all our Challenges, we have PRIZES!  The more quilts you send or bring in, the higher your chance of winning one of the Bear Creek Quilting Company's Online Gift Certificates!

Finished quilt should be shipped to us for organizing and distribution.
You can donate directly to the Salem Hospital NICU or check your local hospital for a similar program.  At this time, only quilts shipped to us for distribution will be eligible for our NICU Baby Quilt Challenge Prize.

NICU Baby Quilt Challenge 2024 Details:
  • Challenge begins May 1, 2024, and ends June 30, 2024
  • Final shipments must be received no later than July 15, 2024, to count toward entries for the drawing.
  • Baby quilt(s) approximate size requested is 30" x 36".
  • Regular 100% Cotton quilting fabric should be used.
    • Flannel, knit, minky, polyester, and other fabric fibers are not acceptable.
    • Quilts should not include any embellishments.
  • Quilts should be machine quilted.
    • Tied quilts are not acceptable.
  • Batting should be a low to medium loft.  100% Cotton, 80/20 Cotton-Poly, 70/30 Cotton-Poly, and 100% Bamboo are acceptable.
    • Wool, Polyester, and/or high loft battings are not acceptable.
  • Quilts do not need to be labeled.
  • Each quilt sent in is an entry into the drawing for a $50 Bear Creek Quilting Company Online Gift Certificate.
  • We will be drawing for THREE winners.
  • Contributors are only eligible to win one Gift Certificate.
  • Bear Creek Quilting Company employees and families are encouraged to contribute but are not eligible for prizes.
  • Any decisions not listed that arise are at the discretion of Bear Creek Quilting Company.
  • Winners will be notified directly and announced on July 25th, 2024.  Announcements will be posted in this blog and in our July 25th, 2024, Newsletter.
  • Prize winners must have a valid US shipping address to accept Bear Creek Quilting Company Online Gift Certificate.
  • Shipping Instructions:
    • Neatly fold and place baby quilt(s) in a plastic bag then inside your shipping package.  They do not need to be individually wrapped.  The plastic bag ensures the quilt(s) arrive safely if the outer package is damaged in transit.
    • Include your name, address, email, and phone number with your quilt(s).  Without proper identification, we are unable to enter you into the drawing.
    • Ship to:
      • Bear Creek Quilting Company
      • Attn: NICU Baby Quilt Challenge 2024
      • 2175 South Main Road
      • Lebanon, OR 97355
  • If you are local to us, you can drop quilts during our normal business hours, 9am-3pm Monday-Friday.
  • You can send/bring in as many quilts as you wish.  We will keep track of your contributions.
  • Any additional questions can be emailed to us at:

Follow along our NICU Baby Quilt Challenge journey below.  We will update this page as often as we receive new shipments.  Are you ready to participate?
May 1st, 2024 - Challenge Kicks-Off!
5/1/2024 - Our first delivery!
Catherine D of Albuquerque, NM

Sheila C
Sandi P of Hermiston, OR
Wanda H of Spokane, WA
Sharon H of Corvallis, OR
Patty M of Albany, OR
Flo C of Corvallis, OR
Carrie C of Appleton, WI
Inella D of Saint Anthony, ID
Judith N of Brattleboro, VT
Terry C of Carry, IL
Valerie L of Monroe, UT
Nancy O of Sequim, WA
Christine S of Moss Beach, CA
Janet F of Flora, IL
Kelly D of Springdale, AR
Mary L of Seattle, WA
Terri M of Johnson City, TX
Patty M of Albany, OR
Carolyn B of Whitehouse, TX
Deborah C of Shawnee KS
Christine W of Mequite, NV
Beth P of Cape Coral, Fl
Michelle M of Palmer, AK
Jean M of Victor, NY
Debbie J of Orland Pk, IL
Diane S
Patty M of Albany, OR
Patricia A of Tallahassee, FL
Mary B of Austin, TX
Diane M of Dayton, OH
Valerie L of Monroe, UT
Julie O of Saranca Lake, NY
Alene F of Salem, OR
Current count total for Salem Hospital NICU: 96
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