"I couldn't miss the opportunity to tell you what a terrific job you did with my recent order -- quick service, correct product and the little post-card pattern was a lovely surprise.  Job well done to all of you -- you've got a new customer -- me."  ~Suzie

"I just received my order. I'm sooo excited.  Not only are the panels even more beautiful than I thought they would be, your beautiful handling of the fabric was amazing!  I have sewn and specifically quilted for over 50 years so you can probably imagine how much "stuff" I purchase... Well, I must say that, in general, fabrics arrive looking "not so hot."   Often enough the cutting/tearing is poor, the fabric is all wadded up, and winds up looking not very appealing.  Not so with this shipment.  It is beautifully cut and beautifully folded and carefully packaged.  What a joy this time has been.  Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness.  I am currently working on my latest endeavor of 31 quilts for veterans -- particularly Vietnam veterans as that is my generation.  I started this project 15 months ago and have completed 13 full size or larger quilts and given them to veterans.  Of course, it takes a lot of fabric for these quilts so I'm always looking for sales on the reds, white, blues, grays, patriotic, etc. for these quilts so I will be watching your website carefully as I would love to order from you again.  Thanks again."  ~Joan

"I just had to let you know how pleased I am with an order I recently received from you guys!  It's always a joy to get new fabric, and pretty much nothing can take away from that, but you guys...WOW! I'm pretty OCD a lot of the time, and I was beyond thrilled when I opened my package and each yard of fabric was folded exactly like the others, and stacked so perfectly on top of each other.  It was an OCD's dream come true!  Again, it's always good to get new fabric, no matter how it's packaged, but my joy was extended a hundred times over when I saw how perfectly it was shipped! Thank you so very much, and I look forward to ordering from you again and again!"  ~Michele

"I called you on Wed of this week to see if I could order over the phone and did you have any fabric in the Pioneer Spirit Fabric Collection…I spoke to Sherri (I hope I spelled right) and she informed me after finding out what I needed that she would check on Thursday 8/17 and call me sometime during that day…I must say at 81 I was soo very excited to be able purchase some with her help…I waited all day long and worked in the dining room so I would not miss her call…no call came and at 5:00 I needed to go and pick up my Rx…I didn’t want to go, but I did…so, I figured she got busy and perhaps forgot…I figured I would try again today…now I did know the Kit was no longer available….so it was going to be maybe a few pieces….so Friday comes and the phone rings around 11:00 and low-and-behold it was Sherri, I couldn’t believe my ears and then she tells me she found KITS from Maywood Studio…for a minute I couldn’t believe I heard what she said…but there is a kit for me on it’s way next Tuesday and I can hardly contain myself…thank you for going the “extra mile” and making someone so very happy.  You are truly a Fairy Godmother!!  This world is so difficult…many people make your life hard and then comes this stranger and adds to my life…Thank You and God Bless all of you and your Staff.  Oh, by the way, I have started Fall housecleaning today so I can be ready to start my new project, I had no intentions yesterday of doing such a thing in 105 degree.  Haa Haa…thanks again, I can hardly wait…I worked in customer service for different company’s over the years and learned, you can have the finest product ever made, and if you don’t have a great “team” to grow the company, it usually doesn’t turn out well."  ~Joanie

"I just pre-ordered the William Morris Medallion Quilt Kit.  I noticed on the order form this statement: “In the event your order cannot be completed due to a manufacturer's issue, Bear Creek Quilting Company will notify you immediately to discuss an in-store credit or refund."  I want to Thank-You for this statement and the reason I say this is because I purchased the Lasting Legacies BOM from XXX quilt shop.  Turns out XXX quilt shop ran out of the fabric that was supposed to come with the kit but never bother to notify me that they were going to make substitutions.  At least give me the option of saying yes I’ll take the substitutions or no thanks.  Quilting kits, for me, are very expensive, and to not get what I was thought I was paying for was very disappointing.  To not at least have the chance to say yes or no in the matter.  And for that reason alone, I will never purchase from them again.  I have always had satisfaction when I’ve made my purchases from you, and for that reason I felt confident in purchasing the William Morris Medallion Quilt Kit in that I will be receiving all the correct fabric for this kit.  Thank You."  ~Althea

"Good Afternoon,  I have been ordering from you for a couple years now.  Today, I received my order, and once again everything I ordered was available and packaged so nicely and neatly.  I almost wondered if you have a folding machine!!!!  It might not look like much to you, but to me, it just shows me you care not only about your products but care about the person receiving it as well.  Neatness Shows you care!.....Just like a grocery store when the check out clerk have throws your food on the conveyor belt - I always want to say, I am feeding that to my family-not an animal.....Anyway, just needed to take the time to  let you know that someone cares about you too & appreciates it."  ~Linda

"You quick response is unbelievable!  I placed an order for the exact same fabric with another on-line supplier in September.  Six weeks later I was advised that the fabric was out of stock and expected the week of November 13.  Just notified today that it is no longer available.  I have a special Christmas gift planned for my seven-year-old granddaughter made with this fabric.  I am so happy that I decided to try another source and I am elated that I found you.  Thank you for your excellent service."  ~LaRue

"Hi - just a quick thank you.  My fabric arrived today.  The colours are goreous.  Thanks again for your efforts on my behalf."  ~Jen

"Received my fabric and am very happy!  Love the color and quality of the fabrics!  Thank you."  ~Susan

"Thank you so much for your excellent service.  What fast shipping!  Can't wait to receive my package.  I will be a repeat customer for sure."  ~Susan

"LOVE the fabrics...and the Quilter's Emergency Kit was a hoot!  Thanks so much...you guys are GREAT!!!"  ~Deb

"I was one of the winners recently and I got my package yesterday!  The fabric is beautiful as always and I can’t thank you enough!  It was a wonderful surprise to win and I can’t wait to start all the new projects these fabrics will be a part of."  ~Becky

"Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Your company is unbelievable and I am sharing this with my quilting friends!!  Don't imagine it will double your business (lol) but I really do appreciate your kindness."  ~Diane

"With great joy I want to thank you for your help, I received the fabric I've been wanting and I love it.  I have enough to piece this fabric and make it the backing.  Thank you so much.  Have a great week."  ~Dee

"Thank you so much for the very fast shipping!  Love your web-site."  ~Loretta

"Thank you for your prompt attention to my order.  It arrived today and I just love the fabrics, beautiful.  Thanks again."  ~Cheryl
"Delighted with the material and the service."  ~June
"Thanks so much for sending the fabric.  Appreciate you all and I think it's super sweet you've just mailed the package out.  Have a great day!"  ~Patty

"Received my order today.  Thank you for the FIRELIGHT quilt pattern, love these card patterns and enjoy making them. Never have seen this one."  ~Judy

"Dear Folks, I love doing business with you!!!  This latest purchase, Wild Orchid, was deliciously lovely."  ~Deb
"Thank you so much for my order.  Your service is so quick and so accurate."  ~Pam
"Just to let you know I received the pattern.  Thank you and I look forward to quilting this one."  ~Colette

"To all of you at Bear Creek Quilting:  Thank you so much for the amazing turn around time for my order.  I was shocked when I got home and saw that package.  Of course, I was then thrilled when I opened it and now I am excited to get started on it.  Such a plethora of emotions over one simple fabric order.  Ha Ha.  Please note that you are having a detrimental effect on my budget.  Who am I kidding, I don 't have a budget since I took up quilting.  You truly have either the best selection of fabrics in the world, or your buyer has a brain twin to mine.  I will be ordering more soon.  Thanks so much for being such a great company.  Quilters Rock!"  ~Shirley

"Thank you oh so much for my lovely stack of fat quarters.  They arrived today and are absolutely beautiful!  Thanks again."  ~Carole
"Receive my order and thank you, it's beautiful!"  ~Victoria
"I received my order promptly and I must say the fabrics are more than I expected.  Great quality!  Thank you."  ~Shirley
"Hi!  I recently purchased a few things from your store and I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your service!  It is fantastic!  I was especially surprised at how quickly you shipped my order!  I will definitely order from you again and I will highly recommend you to all my sewing friends!  Thanks so much."  ~ Mindy
"Thank you very very much for taking the time to write back.  Unbelievable customer service."  ~Cheryl
"Got it done!  Headed for a raffle item for Seed Technology Research Foundation.  Thank you for your great shop!"  ~Shari
"Thank you so much for your speedy response and especially for your honesty in your guidance.  That's wonderful customer service!"  ~Donna
"I love your Moda patterns and look forward to each new block.  Thank you for providing these free patterns!"  ~Ronald
"I wanted to let you know that I was extremely pleased with your prompt service.  This was my first order, but I don't plan on it being my last.  Thank you!"  ~Kathleen
"Thank you Bear Creek Quilting for the wonderful and great service.  I will definitely be ordering from you again."  ~Linda
"You guys are wonderful.  Thank you so much again for helping me out with this."  ~Lysane
"Just to let you know I received my order today and I'm really happy with it.  Also I wanted to tell you I love the way you send my fabrics, as tho you love them as much as I do.  I'm sure all of your customers feel as I do.  Thanks again for caring about all of us out here."  ~Joyce
"Just received my order of Marcus Getting To Know Hue half yard cuts of all the colors.  I wanted to let you know that the fabrics is cut so nice and packaged so fabric is not all wrinkled.  Thank you."  ~Barbara
"Thank you so much for your reply.  That is a lot of work for you!  I can see why you had such a great response - the collection is just lovely.  Thank you again for responding so quickly AND for all your hard work."  ~Nancy
"Thank you so much for your quick reply.  I am very impressed with your service.  Thank you again."  ~Alice
"This is the best email yet!  Beautiful products this week!!"  ~Ann
"I commend you for putting on such a fabulous display!  Like going to a quilt show from the comforts of home, even with the quilt theme being the same!!  Thanks so much for taking on this venture, not an easy task I'm sure, but my hat's off to you all and all the quilters too!!!  So fun!!"  ~Sheila
"I just received my order and love everything I ordered!  I wanted to let you all know I'm glad I stumbled upon your website.  I don't remember from where, either from Facebook or Pinterest.  Have a great day!"  ~Lawanda
"Just a quick note to say thank you for packaging my order in plastic first and then the box.  USPS spilled something all over the box - who know what - and my fabric inside was unscathed!  So keep up the good work!"  ~Laura
"I received my order today and it's like Christmas in January...you are the best...never change."  ~Christine
"Received my order today.  Now to find a great pattern.  Love the red, black and white combo!"  ~Patricia
"Thank you for looking into it!  I appreciate your customer service."  ~Crystal
"Thank you for sending out the greeting.  Just wanted to return the good feelings by telling you that I have been very pleased with everything I ordered this year.  I am glad that I found your wonderful store."  ~Mollie
"Hey friends, just got my order from you.  It is awesome and the turnaround time was awesome!  Sure didn't expect to get it before Christmas (2016).  Thank you so much!"  ~Becky
"Thank you for such a prompt reply...it has been a very long time since I have gotten such great customer service.  Happy Easter to you and yours.  Thanks you again."  ~Norma
"I have ordered twice today, didn't realize how much in love with your fabrics I was. (The free quilt patterns caused me to buy more fabric. Thanks.... I THINK!! LOL).  I'll be checking back for more.  You have the fabrics I like.  And I signed up for the newsletter so I'll get patterns that you send out!!  Happy Easter!!"  ~Cheri
"Just wanted to say "thanks" because I received my fabric pieces I recently ordered from your company.  I ordered the farm animals panel and the tractor panels.  I intend to make a quilt for a nephew using these pieces.  I like to make rag-rolled quilts because they are so easy to make.  I have problems finding panels with specific items on them.  I look forward to doing more business with you.  Thanks again."  ~Melissa
"My package arrive and the contents beautiful.  I thank you for your prompt response to my order.   I am on the Quilting with Pat Sloan blog, and one of the members asked about our favorite place to get fabrics.  I listed your company as one of my favorites.  I hope this might generate some new customers for you.  I am a huge supporter of small businesses and do what I am able to support them.   Best wishes and thank you again."  ~Wilma
"Thank you very much.  I need to know when I need to beat my husband to the mailbox!!  I found you by accident but found your fabrics amazing.  Congratulations!  The Bear Creek name was so reminiscent of my early years in Ashland and Medford."  ~Charlene
"Just a quick note to thank you for the super fast turn-around of my order!  Not only did you have a great price on the fat quarter bundle I purchased, but the shipping was super-fast.  No gouging on expedited shipping, either!  I'll be back."  ~Nancy
"Thank you for combining my orders.  I just kept shopping and finding more that I wanted."  ~Marlene
"Thank you for the update.  I received my thread order today.  I just love how you put the loose thread in the little fabric bag.  It's those unique touches that are so charming.  Thanks again."  ~Patricia
"Sorry.  The confirmation was in the Spam folder.  Thank you for your timely response.  I never knew about your site till I was looking for that pattern.  Thank goodness I found it because your prices are much better than other sites so I will be doing more business with you.  Best Regards and Blessings."  ~Linda
"Dear Girls, Thank you so much for the prompt service.  I am very delighted with the fabrics.  My mother and I went to Yellowstone and all she wanted to see was the bears, so this is a lovely reminder.  The chocolates were a nice surprise.  Thank you once again from a very happy customer."  ~Margareth
"Thank you I just received the order.  I love the colors they are just what I wanted."  ~Martha
"Thank you for the beautiful fabric I received today!  It was prettier than shown on the web site!"  ~Paulette
"Just wanted to let you know I got my order this morning!!!  Awesome packaging!!!  Thanks so much!!!  Can't wait to get started!"  ~Joan
"Awesome!!  I love this pattern that you posted and anxious to try it out.  Love your store and love getting all the updates.   Have a wonderful day.   It is freezing rain here in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Spring is around the corner though.  Thanks for your quick response."  ~Roberta
"I found it thru your link!!  Thank you for the quick response and the great suggestions of putting the tips & tricks into a word document.  I have just finished doing that.  Thanks again."  ~Lisa
"Thank you again for being my PERSONAL Shopper.......notice the RED stars??!!!!   Many of the fabrics (lights) were ones I got from your sale page too!"  ~Debbie
"I was on a mission to find something in particular today and stumbled upon your web site.  Wow!  I so enjoyed looking at your fabric collections and your prices.  I'll be back on Friday.  You have what I was looking for!  Great web store."  ~Connie
"Ordered from you 1/15/16 because another site who sent me a catalog and threatened to quit sending them to me unless I ordered didn't have them though they were displayed in a new catalog.  Yours were cheaper, you acknowledged my order, sent me delivery confirmation and sent me a beautiful quilt pattern too!  Thank you!  PS still haven't heard from the other place regarding the order I did manage to place with them."  ~Cheri
"Dear Bear Creek, What a nice surprise to get some extra inches of walnut grove fabric and a lovely basket pattern, my favorite!  It was so kind of you!  I love to peruse your pattern in your newsletter and look at your fabrics too!" ~Nancy
"Thank you so much.  I will share with my quilting guild how great your are with customer service.  I will take the extra pattern and donate it as a gift from your company to give away at our next retreat.  Thank you again."  ~Cindy
"I received my order this morning.  It came very fast!  The treat was a nice surprise.  Thank you for the great customer service.  Happy Holidays!!"  ~Judy
"Thank you for your quick service, especially at this time of the year.  Merry Christmas to you and thank you again."  ~Andi
"Just a quick.  Thank You for the NEAT Christmas Card......that was really neat!!  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well.  Thank you for your NEAT fabrics and GREAT service-so appreciate!"  ~Deb
"Hi.  Just a short note to let you know that I was so excited getting the lovely pre-cuts I ordered a few months ago.  Also, the wait was worth it for the delayed order at the time of the Intl'l Quilt Market because I got the nice freebie.  It was a huge, beautiful Mode duffle bag.  It is already stuffed with my future quilting projects.   I surely will come back and order more when I am out of fabrics!!  Thanks again.  Happy holidays!!"  ~Patti
"Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your website is the best I have been able to find with info about the Sampler Shuffle.  Thank you!  Your links to the patterns WORK and the tips you give are great.  My LQS has them too but they have not done a very good job sharing info about it - just offering links to the patterns via email that don't always work!  I appreciate being able to come back to them if I need to.  Thanks again."  ~Shari

"Hi!  I received my first of, I'm sure many orders to come, 2 days ago.  Wow!  Fast and wonderfully packaged, even beautifully folded.  I'm impressed!!!  Great quality and as advertised, a rare quality these days.  I also received all of what I ordered. Thank you for such craftsmanship of an online business.  Many blessings for your day."  ~Cindy

"Thanks for the great service, the fabric was great quality and packed well!  Thanks also for the additional gift since it was delayed some due to you being at market, it was much appreciated.  After finding the pattern I liked, the shop didn’t have the fabric as it was sold out and unavailable several places, so was glad for your resource.  I’m sure I will be ordering again."  ~Lynnette
"Dear BCQC Team, I just received my recent order and I'm so delighted!  The fabric is nicely enclosed in a bag, the mailing was fast and you had the best price on the fabrics I chose.  Then, on top of those pluses - a sweet treat, a little note pad and, ta da - a lovely piece of fabric!  So very nice of you.  With such great service I'll be back.  Kindly regards & thanks."  ~Vivien
"Thanks so much for the prompt reply and for the tracking!"  ~Carole
"Hello!  You guys are great!  Thank you for the Quilter's Emergency Kit.  I didn't know I needed it, but it sure came in handy!"  ~Michael
"Hello!  Thank you so much for steering me in the correct direction.  It was very kind of you to go out of your way to provide me with this information.  Sincerely,"  ~Alma
"Hi Everyone, I received by pattern yesterday and tucked inside was my wonderful quilters rescue packet!!  It is TOO cute to open...so today after work I am going to the store and buying more M&M's and place them in two bowls - one next to my sewing machine and one next to my easy chair where I stitch...and every time I open a packet, I will read the instruction notes on yours!!  I love it!!  What a novel idea!  Thanks again for everything!"  ~Jan
"You package arrived in perfect condition.  Thanks for the end of bolt yardage.  That is so very kind of you."  ~Kay
"Thanks for the email.  I received the material and enjoyed the colors.  Thanks for the fast service."  ~Sue
"Thank you again for sending me the patterns!  i wanted to let you know I received them yesterday.  I will definitely recommend your company!  You go above and beyond when it comes to customer service!"  Lori
"Amazed at the prompt shipping.  Recieved my order on the 28th.  Only a little over 24 hours from ordering.  I am delighted with the fabric and will definitely order from you again."  ~Virginia
"I just completed the Chrysanthemum Quilt Kit.  I was very pleased with the kit and the cuts of fabric.  I have shied away from kits in the past due poor experiences with other vendors skimping on fabric and the poor quality of the fabric.  This was a special gift and the colors were just right so I took a chance and am happy that I did so.  Thanks you for providing and excellent product."  ~Sally
"You're the most dedicated person to your customers that I know.  You are such a treasure!!  I would never have achieved what you did.   Thank you so much.   I have health problems so sewing, quilting and crocheting are my limits now, so your efforts are so much appreciated.  I can't believe that you found it.  You will be on the top of my list for fabric in the future thanks again.  Thank you."  ~Laura
"Just dropping a note to say "Thank you" for the free quilt pattern in my email (from your newsletter) this morning.  It looks like a great, easy design I can size up to a twin for a young granddaughter.  Thanks again."  ~Grant
"I received my beautiful pieces of fabric including some extra inches."  ~Delores
"Hi, received my order.  Love the fabrics.  Thanks again."  ~Diane
"Just a note of thanks for all of your help.  The "RED" fabric is perfect...can't wait til Fall to begin that project!  Some other neat fabrics to dally with too...you gals are great!"  ~Deb
"Hello - I love Bear Creek - you have my taste; you carry Timeless Treasures and your mail service is quick!"  ~Bonnie
"Your well packed parcel arrived today.  I appreciate your extra efforts!  Thank you."  ~Clementine
"Yeah!  I am so glad you still have the fabric I need.  Thank you very much!  I appreciate it."  ~Amanda
"I received the fabric today.  It is PERFECT!  it matches the other green plaid exactly.  I can now finish two quilts."  ~Barbara
"I appreciate you sending my fabric and will remember this in the future when someone needs a recommendation for a wonderful supplier of fabric."  ~Audrey
"I just received the beautiful fabric.  Thank you!  AND thank you for the M&M's.  Of course the whole bag is gone since I've made all those mistakes, more than once."  ~Mary
"What a fund idea - the Quilter's Emergency Kit!!!  Love it!  had to eat every color because I did all the list!!"  ~Karen
"Thank you for your reply and thank you for including the free pattern in my order."  ~Carolyn
"Spring Bouquet Quilt Kit arrived.  I love it.  Thank you for the emergency kit...the "pills" will come in handy!  LOL!"  ~Mary
"I came across our site while looking for BOM quilts and I love your store.  I look forward to visiting your site again and again."  ~Marsha
"Thank you so much - I look forward to ordering from you in the future!"  ~Sharon
"Hello.  Just received my first online order from your shop and I'm so pleased.  Your yardage price was terrific.  Hope to get more of these fabrics."  ~Karen

"Thank you for your prompt answer.  I am now placing the order for all you have in stock.  Thanks again."  ~Claire

"Good day.  First off I would just like to say that my material came in for the Lakeside Reflections and I am absolutely blown away! It is stunning and I can't wait to start it."  ~Christine
"Thank you very much.  Now I will be able to finish a Christmas quilt for my son and daughter in law.  I've taken some time off this summer from quilting and had found it hard to get int he mood (love being outside).  This fabric is getting me back in the mood.  Yea!"  ~Barbara
"Love your web page and email news that I receive."  ~Audrey
"Hi...just wanted to thank you for getting my order out so quickly.  It arrived today and I love the fabric.  Will definitely order from your shop again.  Thanks."  ~Lee
"Will recommend you to my friends, love a helpful person on the end of an email!"  ~Clemetine
"Thank you very much.  Your the bomb!"  ~Laura
"Thank you very much for taking the trouble to answer, plus further thanks for giving me a good idea of the fabric that is close to what I need!  Many thanks."  ~Glenys
"I received my order yesterday.  Thank you!  And wow!  Extra fabric, a free pattern AND super speedy shipping with nice packaging.  You can bet I will be a repeat customer!  Thanks again."  ~Mary
"I received my order today!  WOW!  That was quick!  and the pattern that was included is pretty awesome.  It's always the little things that make me happy!  I will definitely be back to shop!  Thank you!"  ~Maxine
"Just a quick Thank You for the great fabrics and speedy shipping.  Will return for sure...thanks again."  ~MaryLou
"Thank you for getting someone to contact me."  ~Sherrie
(In regards to a pattern with an error and reaching out to the pattern designer and fabric manufacturer.)
"I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your website.  I have seen things here I have not seen before.  I will be shopping with you often.  I am also very glad to see reasonable shipping charges.  I can't wait to order again."  ~Sandra
"Thank you so much - I was able to find the book thru one of your sources listed.  I can not thank you enough and I will pass on your site and how helpful you folks were to my guild and sew circle.  Thank you again."  ~Gabriella
"Thanks for sending me the Row x Row fabric so quickly."  ~Cynthia
"Thanks for the fast delivery!"  ~Phyllis
"THANK YOU - perfect!!!  You are so easy to do business with and the quality is terrific.  Thank you again for my order...it's perfect!  So perfect my friend just ordered hers!  Appreciate your beyond FAST service too!"  ~Deb
"Thanks so much for your help and swift reply!  I appreciate your assistance."  ~Abra
"I found everything I was looking for!  Thank you so much for helping me and providing me with resource websites.  I will be back to your website for more shopping as it is one of my favorites!"  ~Chris
"Wow...thank you so much!  And I do love your shop for online shopping and inspiration.  Thank you again."  ~Carolyn
"Just to let you know that the fabric has arrived safely in the UK.  Many thanks."  ~Barbara

"I got my package today and was so excited.  I love the tote bag.  I love all your products online.  Thanks again for your quick response."  ~Rose

"Love your fabric!"  ~Janet

"Both orders arrived in perfect condition.  Thanks for the key chain.  It is fun!"  ~Karen

"Thanks for sending so quickly and also for the lovely Christmas goodies...that was just sweet!"  ~Linda

"I love your site!  I love the free patterns as I am a beginner.  I am starting with pillowcases this year for my grandkids for Christmas and so many other items you have look so fun.  Thanks and Happy Holidays!"  ~Cindy

"I used your Aubrey quilt pattern to make a Photo T-shirt quilt for a customer with photos of 17 grandchildren.  Thanks for the free pattern!"  ~Julie

"Thank you so very much for getting that order of fabric out to me.  I was able to get all 3 placemats made for my grandkids in time for the big day."  ~Terri

"Thank you.  So cool to win V & Co. fabric.  I love her fabrics, and find it so neat that she now lives in my home state of Iowa.  I can do so much with a fat eighth bundle. Many thanks!"  ~Shelley

"Thank you so much.  The fabric is beautiful.  Thank you for the added end-of-bolt fabric and the surprise treat!  I could not believe it as I have been craving hot chocolate and love peppermint chocolate.   I don't like to keep chocolate in the house as I go through it so fast.  So having this packet with the peppermint treats was such a wonderful surprise.  Seems like Santa's elves heard my wish."  ~Vivian

"Good afternoon!  I received the fabrics today and I would like to thank you so much for cutting the 1.5 yard pieces for me.....it is appreciated.  Have a great weekend."  ~Cassandra

"Thank you for the prompt service.  Will be checking out your web site again soon."  ~Bonnie

"Thanks for a great product at a great price!"  ~Sharon

"Received my order today.  Thank you for the tea.  What a nice surprise!  I love my quilt kit.  Can't wait to get started on it."  ~Mary 

"Thank you for my package and the free tea and pattern.  Thank you again and I will be ordering more.  I love your site.  Take care and happy quilting."  ~Karen

"Thank you sew much, I love the fabric!  Your gifties were a sweet surprise.  Thank you again."  ~Judy

"Thanks so much…you sure have earned a loyal customer… and all my friends will be hearing about the great customer service."  ~Jo
"Hi there!!! I just got my latest order from you and am very pleased with the collection. Thank you.  It is wonderful doing business with you.  I love getting your notices of new and different things that come in to the store."  ~Deb

"Thanks for the quick response!  Love the quilt kit and will be ordering shortly.  I previously ordered some fabric from your online store and was very pleased with the fabric and the service!  Since I had never ordered fabric online before, I was a little concerned.  I am happy to say I will never hesitate to order from Bear Creek in the future."  ~Sharon

"Thank you so much for the free quilt pattern.  I love snowflakes and collect snowflake patterns.  This one is really lovely.  Thanks again!"  ~Georgie
"Wow! You blow me away! It hasn't been 30 minutes and you notify me my order has shipped. Nobody does that! Thank you."  ~Barb
"Thanks for the quick service!"  ~Andrea
"I have only ordered from you twice but I had to email and tell you how impressed and happy I was with your fabric and your quick service!!!   I have been bragging about it to my quilting friends!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  Have a lovely day!!"  ~Theresa
"I have never received an on line order so fast.  Plus you do paypal.  You may be my new favorite place."  ~Jennifer
"Thank-you sewwwwwwwwwwwww much for your efforts to assist me!"  ~Joanne
"Thanks for getting the Labyrinth Walk pattern sent so quickly to me."  ~Dot
"I just wanted to thank you for the extremely fast shipping of a pattern.  I had posted a picture of a quilt on one of the quilting sites on Facebook.   The quilt pattern was designed by Christopher Florence.   Shari Shobe informed me that you had additional patterns by this talented designer.  I immediately went to your website and ordered one.  She should be commended for providing such great information on your business as well as providing superior customer service.   You just gained a faithful customer."  ~Pam
"Ha ha - you guys are addictive - my friend just ordered some things just because I forwarded this ad!  Let's get quilty!" ~B
"Just received my order of fabric----ONE HAPPY CAMPER!!!   THANKS"  ~Janet
"Just a short note to tell you how much I love your website and shop.  You ship quickly.  Items are packed with love and arrive neatly. That is why I keep coming back.  Thank you for your love of quilting.  I am a new quilter, but had a grandmother who quilted and have 20 of her hand-pieced, hand-quilted quilts, so I have been around quilting for over 65 years, and you are tops in your shop.  I can hardly wait for my orders to arrive and they do so quickly.  Again thank you."  ~Betty
"Earlier in the year, when I had a couple of orders, you had included wildflower seeds.  I planted them and have been enjoying the flowers and think of Bear Creek everyday now!  Thanks again!"  ~Ruanne
"I just want to say thanks for the good fabric, good prices and good service.  It is a pleasure doing business with you!"  ~Pat
"I am just letting you know I received my second order of fabric today in Australia.  As before absolutely beautiful quality and price.  Thank you very much for the key ring and note pad gift, love them.  Also I am very happy with your prompt shipping."  ~Sandra
"How nice of you to include a free Bear Creek post-it pad (and business card)!  I will tuck these away and pull them out the next I need to check online for fabric or patterns.  Thank you for your kind response."  ~Peggy
"Thanks for your help!  Love this website.  It's great!"  ~Helen
"Love your store!  You guys rock!"  ~Lori
"My order arrived today and I'm very pleased with all of the fabric.  You were so kind to add a bit to some of the fabric.  I assumed that I was buying some of your bolt ends since it was a sale, and didn't expect you to add any on to the order.  I quilt with a group of friends that give away to others, so I'm always looking for good quality fabric at a fair price."  ~Bev
"Hi!  I am just letting you know I received my fabric in Australia today and I absolutely love it!  Beautiful quality and will order again.  Also I will recommend you to my quilting friends."  ~Sandra
"I ordered fabric from you a few days ago.  It came today.  It is all beautiful.  The price for the quality is wonderful.  You filled the order so quick.  I give your business a 10.  I will order from you again.  I'm very pleased with everything.  People need to know your fabric is great and service is better than great.  Thank You very much."  ~Bobbie
Thank you, by the way, for your fabulous service, your fast postage, your careful packaging and obvious love that goes into each and every sale.  It IS appreciated!  In fact, last time I ordered some gorgeous fabric, I decided to make you a little Thank You gift - which is on its way - but as it's coming from New Zealand, I'm not sure how long it will take to arrive!!"  ~Barb
I have a new go to quilt store.  I ordered fabric and it arrived super fast.  It was packaged really nicely.  And Thank You so much for the little extra.  I will be checking in often for the latest, and so happy to have found you."  ~Janice
Good afternoon!  I received my prize pack today.  Thank you SO much!  I feel so lucky too, because I just realized my comment number is my birth month and year!!  Thank you for brightening my day!"  ~Kathleen
"Hello!!!  I just went through the fabrics and collections you have posted on FB over the past several weeks!!!  I just had to tell you that they were just so very awesome!!!  You have such good taste!!!  I will be buying more fabric from you folks in the months and years to come!!  Thank you."  ~Deb
"Thank-you for such quick service.  I received my package today and love the fabric.  Have enjoy all purchases from you and singing praises for you amongst all my sewing friends."  ~Judi
"Thank you Shari for such great service.  My kit arrived today, earlier than expected.  Will definitely be heading back to your website."  ~Jane (from Australia)
"I received my order today.  Thank you so much.  That was really quick.  Thanks for the seeds too."  ~Jill
"Hello, I ordered Tuesday and received Friday.  WOW!  Fastest shipping ever.  Everything was perfect and at good prices.  Thanks also for the flower seeds too!  I will be coming back for more."  ~Kathleen
"I received my fabric today!  Thank you so much!  It is beautiful and arrived super fast!  Thank you for a superb buying experience!  Have a wonderful day!"  ~Rebecca
"Just a quick thank you for the great packing and fast ship.  I will be a repeat customer."  ~Sheila
"I just want to thank you for your quality products, good prices, fast delivery and the candy you include with some of the order.  Thanks so much!!"  ~Carol
"I received my order yesterday and I want to Thank You for the pretty fabric and your fast excellent service.  I appreciate your kindness and love your prices.  Thank You again."  ~Luba
"Thank you!  The blue fabric arrived today along with a neat “surprise” package of chocolates!  How nice.  I shared with my hubby, and he was grateful.  Thanks again, for the prompt and wonderful service."  ~Carolyn
"I just received by pattern in the mail and along with it came 4 pieces of chocolate.  I am so impressed.  You really know your customers.  You are so wonderful.  Thank you for such great customer service."  ~Norma
"Received the package today!  Thank you for your stellar customer service!!"  ~Mea
"A sweet thank you; thank you.  Bear Creek has some top notch packers.  Thanks for the wonderful service, fabric and chocolate."  ~Margaret
"Good morning.  I have received my order yesterday.  Thank you for your attention and service.  Have a good day."  ~Esther
"Hi.  Just a note to let you know I received this order and how much I appreciate your super fast shipping and good prices!  Thanks also for the sweet Valentine's candy!  Have a great day."  ~Nancy
"Just wanted to leave a voice message thank you for my order and the Valentine's candy.  I LOVE Dove dark chocolate.  Thanks again."  ~Dorothy
"I was thrilled to see my fabric arrive in the mail Friday.  I had just ordered it on Wednesday and confirmed by city with you by phone shortly after ordering.  I just wanted to thank you for such promptness and I am happy with my fabric and will be ordering again from you."  ~Ruanne
"I just wanted to let you know that I got my order this morning and the fabrics are so beautiful.  Thank you for such wonderful service.  Thanks for the fast delivery and excellent packaging."  ~Shirley
"That was quick!  I ordered the Labyrinth quilt pattern less than an hour ago and I just received an email saying that it was on its way!  What service!"  ~Francesca
"Hello.  I just wanted to let you know my order arrived today in excellent shape.  I've put the rulers from the kit to immediate use.  I'm working on my Eastern PA Shop Hop quilt block number 3 with lots of different size squares.  Thanks for the shop hop gift certificate and the great service."  ~Ann

"Happy Thanksgiving wishes back to you!   I received my order this week.   Thank you very much.  Love the flannel!"  ~Dhreen

"I just want to say I love what I ordered from you.  You are so fast in getting it to me.   Thanks again."  ~Ruby

"Just wanted to let you know that my jelly roll did arrive this morning and I was able to take it to my class. Thank you again for all the extra effort you put in to this order. I do appreciate it!  Several of my classmate loved the Kapalua batiks and I told them where to get them."  ~Janine

"I have bought twice from Bear Creek.  I received great service from them."  ~Lynn

"A great shop!"  ~Rina

"Wonderful fabrics and excellent customer service!"  ~Paula

"I just 'found' you guys from A Quilting Life blog & I think you have a great website.  I LOVE the Shop by Color feature!"  ~Anita

"WOW!  We are BLOWN AWAY!  The quilt is absolutely beautiful and incredible.  Such a piece of art!  The way you balanced the colors and patterns is absolutely perfect.  The abstract, modern stitching technique you used is so unique, we are head over heels in love with this quilt!  It's everything we could've ever hoped for!  You're insanely talented!  THANK YOU!"  ~Carrie and Morgan, Ampersand Design Studio

"Received my fat quarter bundle today.  Quick shipping.  Thanks again."  ~Sheila

"I received the fabric today.  I am happy.  Now I can finish this quilt.  I have tracked this fabric for several weeks before I found you!  I am glad you had it in stock.  Thanks again."  ~Brenda

"I got the package of Dijon fabric yesterday.  Thank you for the quick service."  ~PlumEasy Patterns

"I was delighted with our visit. You are a gal I would love to get to know.....very good natured I must say! Thanks for taking care of this for me and hope to hear from you soon. Go out and knock 'em alive!!!"  ~Donna

"Hi Shari, I received the fabric today and it is all SO beautiful!! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly! I’ll be using some of it tomorrow. Smile I’ve told a friend about your company and she says she’ll be taking another look soon! Hope I’ve gotten you another customer"  ~Becky

"Thank you so much. I won the March Fab Shop Hop gift certificate, and was able to get three shades I needed to finish the units for the quilt top I am currently working on with it. You took great care in the way you protected the fabric in a snap tight storage bag to keep anything from ruining my order. That is highly appreciated. Also, the shipment only took three days to arrive!!! I hope to see your shop/online store grow more and more. You have a choice of fabrics that made it tough to pick just the right shades. Thank you."  ~Lori

"I want to tell you that my fabric arrived today and it more beautiful than I thought it would be.  I am so excited.  Going to make me a quilt for a change.  Thanks so much for your help.  Can't wait to see what new stuff you keep getting in."  ~Dorie

"Thank you so much for your concern.  I have never been contacted by an online business regarding my order arriving late."  ~Katie

"Thanks so much!  I’m so excited to have won!  Again, thank you for the giveaway!!!"  ~Susan

"Thank you so much. I'm shocked to have won a gift certificate. I also found the little bit that I needed to finish up a quilt top I'm currently working on. Looking forward to the arrival in the mail."  ~Lori

"I appreciate what you have done for me. Even one piece of fabric is more than what I have gotten if you would not help me.  Thanks again!"  ~Catherine

"Yeah!!! That's awesome!  You have absolutely made my week!  Thank you!!"  ~Beth


"Hi! I posted your 'Bugalicious' fabric on www.fabshophop.com I love it. Just thought I'd share."  ~Cindy

"I received my fat quarter bundle that I won in the June drawing and THANK YOU! These are perfect colors for my granddaughter's quilt!"  ~Beth
"I received by fabric today and am very pleased with my order.  Thank you for the free gift."  ~Tracey
"My order came today.  I'm so glad I was the June Fabshop Hop winner for your shop."  ~April
"I received my order and I am very happy.  Thank you for the free Champagne Quilt Pattern.  Also, thank you for your Excellent Service and very fast shipping.  I will be back!  Thank you sew much."  ~ Doris
"Thanks so much for the Gift Certificate from the June Fab Shop Hop.  Everything is just what I wanted.  The order already arrived today, very fast service.  Thank You!"  ~Gerry