Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along: CUTTING

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2023 Maywood Studio Maker
I am a 2023 Maywood Studio Maker!
Posted by Shari on March 19th, 2024

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along:  CUTTING

Welcome Back!! 

This week we are talking about cutting your fabrics for Plot Twist Quilt Pattern.

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along
Andy did a great job offering the cutting diagram layout in the Plot Twist Quilt Pattern.  The cutting goes really fast.  I love creating big blocks!

Plot Twist Quilt Sew Along
After I finished my cutting, I had an idea that you could leave the center block whole.  Example:  Take a Layer Cake or a 10" Square Pack and trim the fabric to the unfinished block size on page 2 in your pattern.  (This is before you add your corner squares.)  It does help with not having to match the center seam when row construction starts.

It would offer a different design element and I am inspired to try it in the future.

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along
I have a stripe fabric in my fabrics and actually did not notice this when I was cutting them.  I was trying to make the most of the limited fabrics I had.  My stripe fabric ended up going two different directions.  It was an "Uh Oh" moment but it didn't bother me after further reflection.  And it plays well in the finished Plot Twist Quilt.

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along
Sneak Peek!  If you are quick in your cutting and looking ahead in the Plot Twist Quilt Pattern to the next's a tip:  When marking your corner blocks with the diagonal sewing line, add another sewing line. 

This will allow you to create bonus Half-Square Triangle blocks for an unrelated project. 

Next week I will have some sewing tips for using large scale prints.
Here is the Plot Twist Quilt Pattern Sew-Along Schedule:

03/05/2024 - Week 1:  Introduction/Sew-Along Reminder
03/12/2024 - Week 2:  Fabric Requirements/Selection

03/19/2024 - Week 3:  Cutting - We are HERE!

03/26/2024 - Week 4:  Block Construction
04/02/2024 - Week 5:  Quilt Top Assembly
04/09/2024 - Week 6:  Finishing

See you next week!
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The Plot Twist Quilt Pattern is required to participate as no cutting/sizing information will be given to protect the designer's hard work for writing the steps and measurements. The Plot Twist Quilt Pattern is available HERE.

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