Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along: FINISHING

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2023 Maywood Studio Maker
I am a 2023 Maywood Studio Maker!
Posted by Shari on April 9th, 2024

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along:  FINISHING

Welcome back to our final week!

This week, we are finishing our Plot Twist Quilt!

This will conclude this Sew-Along.  It has been so much fun watching your progress in the Facebook Private Group.  If you are still working on your quilt....Keep Going!

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along
Follow Andy's instructions in your Plot Twist Quilt Pattern under Quilt Finishing.

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along
I left off last week showing my trimmed quilt top.  I did not have enough Windflower fabrics for the corner blocks to make it square, so I left them off to make a diagonal corner finish.

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along
I used Quilter's Dream Wool Batting to allow the Long Arm Machine Quilting design to pop. 

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along
My Plot Twist Quilt was quilted with My Creative Stitches quilting pattern called Hawthorn 2.  The quilted flowers are similiar to the flowers in the Windflower fabric print.

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along
Final reveal!  This quilt looks like springtime and was a delight to work on during the dreary months of winter.

Plot Twist Quilt Sew-Along
PS.  Did you save those pre-sewn Half Square Triangles from the tip in the Block Construction post?  We have an upcoming Quilt Challenge that those will work perfect for.  Watch our Newsletter for details.

Here is the Plot Twist Quilt Pattern Sew-Along Schedule:

03/05/2024 - Week 1:  Introduction/Sew-Along Reminder
03/12/2024 - Week 2:  Fabric Requirements/Selection
03/19/2024 - Week 3:  Cutting
03/26/2024 - Week 4:  Block Construction
04/02/2024 - Week 5:  Quilt Top Assembly

04/09/2024 - Week 6:  Finishing - We are HERE!

Thank you for Sewing-Along with me!
Private Facebook Group for Bear Creek Quilting Company customers is available HERE.  If you purchased your pattern elsewhere, be sure to complete the security question.  This keeps the group safe from spammers.  Joining the Private Group is not required to participate.

All weekly posts will appear on our blog.  This is not a Zoom Class or a specific time to check in.  You have a choice of finished quilt sizes.  For the Sew-Along, make any size quilt you prefer.  Sew at your own pace as you follow along with me on the Sew-Along schedule. 

The Plot Twist Quilt Pattern is required to participate as no cutting/sizing information will be given to protect the designer's hard work for writing the steps and measurements. The Plot Twist Quilt Pattern is available HERE.

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