Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I just found your website and love it.  Who is Bear Creek Quilting Company?
Answer:  We are a small family run business that loves fabrics, sewing, quilting and offering excellence in customer service.

Question:  I just placed an online order.  What can I expect now?
Answer:  You should receive an order confirmation screen.  You will also immediately receive an email order confirmation.  We will pull your order for processing and you will receive an email when your package is shipped.  We usually ship within 24 hours, Monday thru Friday.

Question:  How do I know you have my items in stock?
Answer:  We monitor our inventory very closely and you can order with confidence based on the website inventory listed.  We like to say we are 99% accurate but 1% human.  We never ship incomplete orders, we never substitute and we do not do back-orders.  If we can not fill your order, EXACTLY as you have ordered, we will contact you immediately to discuss.

Question:  I placed an online order and would like to add to it.  How do I do this?
Answer:  Because our website is encrypted for security, we do not have access to any of your account or payment information.  Place your second order and drop us a quick email asking us to combine the shipping.  If you first order has not been processed yet, we are happy to combine your orders.

Question:  The fabric I want is sold-out on your website.  Can you order more?
Answer:  Many of our fabric manufacturers require us to place our orders 6-10 months in advance.  Most manufacturers only print enough fabric to satisfy their orders and never print that fabric again.  We do out best to estimate popularity and a few manufacturers may have remaining stock we can order and a few manufacturers may continue to print certain collections.  Please send us an email asking about your specific fabric and we are happy to research if more is available.

Question:  I want to purchase one of your quilt kits but already have the pattern.  Will you discount the kit?
Answer:  Our quilt kits are built following a strict quality assurance protocol.  All our kits include the necessary pattern to ensure the kit is complete and accurate.

Question:  How will you ship my order?
Answer:  We ship using the United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS).  Delivery is usually within 3-5 days.

Question:  Do you ship to Canada/International?
Effect with the January 2019 postage increases, we only ship to US addresses.

Question:  Can you ship to an US address if my billing address is Canada/International?
Yes.  Use your same shipping address for your order billing address.  In the notes field, enter your complete BILLING address.

Question:  I am not very good with computers, can I order over the phone?
Answer:  We are happy to assist you with a phone order.  Please keep in mind, during very busy Sales we do not accept phone orders.  Taking a phone order requires manual inventory controls and your items could sell out between the time we take your phone order and enter it into the system.  We have structured our website to be easy to use and navigate.  We have had many non-computer users become frequent online customers.

Question:  How do I request a continuous piece of fabric?
Answer:  We only ship continuous pieces of the fabric you ordered.  If we discover a split in the manufacturer fabric bolt, we will contact you immediately to discuss.

Question:  I am looking for a specific item.  Can you special order it for me?
Answer:  Send us an email request.  We are happy to research it for you.

Question:  My password won't work?  I can't log into my account?
Answer:  We do not have access to any of your account information.  Try using the "Forgot Password?" button to reset your password. 
Please keep in mind that you do NOT need to have an account or be signed into an account to place an online order.

Question:  My shopping cart won't work.  What should I do?
Answer:  We are experts with fabric but not technology.  Often times the shopping cart will not work if you have left it open for several days.  Try clearing the Cache for your computer or trying opening a different internet browser.  Worst case, shut your computer off and start over.

Question:  I placed items in my shopping cart several hours ago and now I can't check out.  What happened?
Placing items in your shopping cart does not secure the inventory.  It is possible your items have sold out in the meantime.

Question:  How can I be notified of the arrival for a specific item?
Answer:  Our "Coming Soon" inventory allows you to enter your email address for priority notification for specific items.  This can be very useful when inventory could be limited.  Pre-ordering is also available on some items.

Question:  I can't touch the fabrics.  How do I know it's good quality?
Answer:  We only purchase fabrics from the top fabric manufacturers and suppliers.  We go to the International Quilt Market Trade Show twice a year to meet with vendors to preview collections, touch the fabrics and place our orders.  We will not order fabrics, or any other sewing/quilting supplies, that do not meet our highest exceptions.

Question:  Do you publish a catalog?
Answer:  We do not publish a catalog for 2 reasons.  First, it would be expensive to print and the added expense would require us to raise our prices.  Second, our inventory changes too quickly for a catalog to stay accurate with available inventory.

Question:  Why don't you have a ruler on your images?  How do I know how big an image is or the size of the print repeat?
  Our images are supplied by the fabric manufacturers.  We post as many images as they have available to supply us.  Some manufacturers offer images with rulers, some do not.  Adding our own ruler over the top of their images could give you false information; not all images from the manufacturers are the same scale.  We do manually measures every fabric panel and border print, as it arrives, and provide that information in the product description.  We are happy to measure an exact fabric print or fabric repeat; email us the sku number of the fabric and description of what measurement you need.

Question:  Should I pre-wash my fabrics?
Pre-washing your fabrics, before sewing, is a completely personal choice; there is no right or wrong answer.  "Quilt Shop Only" quality fabrics are processed during manufacturing to lock in the fabric colors so pre-washing is not necessary.  Using a color catcher (or 2 or 3) in your washing machine is still a good idea, just in case.  Pre-washing is NOT recommended for packaged quilt kits.  Quilt kit fabrics are cut to the size specifications set by the designer.  Pre-washing may shrink the fabric in your quilt kit and you may not be able to cut the pieces you need for the pattern.