Have You Seen My Dad - Day 6

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I am a 2023 Maywood Studio Maker!
Posted by Shari on June 27th, 2018
Have You Seen My Dad?
If you are following along with us, on my Dad's journey to travel US Highway 20, from coast-to-coast, you can find the posts HERE.

And the rain continues...poor Dad!

June 25 Crawford NE to Royal NE

The sand hills of northern Nebraska are anything but flat. Long, straight and vertically challenging.  East of Valentine, however, is like ‘Welcome to the Great Plains’.
Saw the Nebraska National Forest - They started with open fields and PLANTED a forest.
The Museum of Fur Trade in Chadron looked interesting, but it was pouring rain at the moment so I passed on it.
Took the 2 ½ mile detour from Hwy 20 to see Walgren Lake - it has a legendary monster - but it was still raining and monsters don’t come out in the rain.
    Took pictures of Bryan Bridge east of Valentine.  In the rain. The only one like it in the USA, it is held together with one steel pin.  Really.  Google it.  Unfortunately there is no public access to see the thing from anywhere except from the road.  I walked through some tall wet grass and took pictures. In the rain.
    Drove seven miles out of my way to see the Ashfall Fossil Beds outside Orchard NE, but the State Parks had closed it early for some reason and I am not backtracking to see it.
    I am staying in the City of Royal (pop. A few) City park tonight.  The mayor, who also owns the gas station said he would even make sure the potty was unlocked as a special favor to me.  Actually, it is always unlocked and anyone can spend the night there for free.
    Less than 100 miles to Sioux City Iowa
    Did I mention that it is still raining?  Has been all day.
Have You Seen My Dad - Day 6
Have You Seen My Dad - Day 6
Have You Seen My Dad - Day 6