Oregon Wildfire 2020 Quilts

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Posted by Shari on October 6th, 2020

Oregon Wildfire 2020 Quilt & Pillowcase Donations

10/16/2020 Update:  Call for donations is now closed.  We have filled our need for the Oregon Wildfire victims.  If you have already shipped a package, we will make sure it gets distributed to any remaining families in need.

Oregon Wildfire 2020 Quilts
Many of you may have seen the news.  Oregon had a most unusual storm on Monday, September 7th, 2020.

One of those rare, every 100 years kind of storm.  High winds that we don't normally see except during the winter.  And blowing in from the East.  Our winds usually blow north to south, south to north, and west to east (from the coast up over the Cascade mountains).  An east wind brings warm air from the Oregon desert, blows over the Cascade mountains, and down the canyons into the Willamette Valley.

Unfortunately, for our already dry state, the high winds caused trees to break, power lines to fall, and fires to start.  We had a few wildfires already burning, and these high winds fed the flames.  Things were out of control before Oregon knew what happened. 

It was heavy in our hearts as we watched our local communities fleeing for their lives, with barely a moments notice, before they lost everything.  It was hard not to be caught up in local resources opening up as shelters.  And everyone was assisting in every way possible; helping with evacuations, donating supplies, aiding where necessary.

Our town of Lebanon was never in jeopardy.  Our canyon was one of the few spared with quick thinking of local farmers and loggers being able to quickly draw boundaries on the fire.  The canyons north and south of us were not so lucky.

While we were shut down for a few days due to hazardous air quality, we started receiving an outpouring of correspondence from quilters wanting to help, including a special request from a young lady in Idaho that had been making pillowcases for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge.  We were touched and inspired.  While we have donated quilts for many different causes, this was the first time accepting donations.  The incoming volume has been amazing!!!

We were able to contribute 200+ finished washed quilts and 650+ finished washed pillowcases for the Santiam Canyon Wildfire Victims.  Our contribution, and those of other local shops, helped fill that need.

We are now collecting for the Southern Oregon Wildfire Victims and have also been asked to assist the Clackamas area Wildfire Victims.  We will continue collecting until the need is filled.

10/16/2020 Update:  Call for donations is now closed.  We have filled our need for the Oregon Wildfire victims.  If you have already shipped a package, we will make sure it gets distributed to any remaining families in need.

Oregon Wildfire 2020 Quilts
Due to the volume, we are unable to contact each person giving directly.  We have compiled all the information we could gather from box addresses and letters, and we are listing it below.  (Please forgive us for any misspelling or missing information due to the volume of incoming packages we have been processing.  You can email us directly and we would be happy to make any necessary corrections.)

Thank you to everyone for your amazing generosity!!!!

Donations sent to the Santiam Canyon, Oregon area:

Barb Woods of Philipsburg, PA = 8 pillowcases

Pam of Lansing, MI = 1 quilt

A Planer of Hopi, NJ = 8 pillowcases

Cathy Pettit of Citrus Heights, CA = 4 Pillowcases

KE Sisson of Owings, MD = 5 pillowcases

Carol Kau of St. Croix Falls, WI = 4 pillowcases

Kathy Abba of Debuque, IA = 1 quilt

Diane Woodward of Linstrom, MN = 1 quilt

Senior Center of West Seattle of Seattle, WA = 3 quilts, 1 pillowcase

Pauline Cook of Homedale, ID

Kay Parch of Overgaard, AZ = 12 pillowcases

Terri Mayfield of Watertown, SD = 1 quilt

Stitching Servants (no address) = 18 pillowcases

Mayfield of Watertown, SD = 1 quilt

M Linebeck of Snohomish, WA

Skillman of Pendleton, OR = 60 pillowcases

T. Hillary of Winter, WI = 12 pillowcases

Gail Twitchell of Williston, VT = 15 pillowcases

Jon & Zoe Purnell of Hood River, OR = 14 pillowcases

Pauline Cook of Homedale, ID = 1 quilt

Helen McBride of Rochester, MN = 26 pillowcases

Jullie Vasquez of Santa Maria, CA = 6 quilts

M Eldred of Oregon City, OR = 3 quilts

Michelle La Jae of Lewiston, ME = 4 pillowcases

Mark & Linda Decker of Worland, Wyoming = 4 quilts

First United Methodist Church of Sunnyvale, CA = 19 quilts, 7 afghans

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church of Winlock, WA = 4 quilts

Louise Zawadzki of Collegeville, PA = 5 quilts

Anne Hughes of Greely, CO = 1 quilt, 9 pillowcases

Abby Larson of Colorado Springs, CO = 1 quilt

Wolfe of New Tripow, PA = 1 quilt

Nancy Nielsen of Anacortes, WA = 1 quilt, 23 pillowcases

Carol Morris of Escondido, CA = 3 pillowcases

Nancy Smith of Lakeview, CA = 25 pillowcases

Joan Shortsleeve of Essex Junction, VT = 1 quilt

Ridgley of Oak Point, TX = 2 quilts

Illinois Country Stitchers Quilt Guild of Champaign, IL = 25 pillowcases

Doreen Kittle of Augusta, KS = 3 quilts, 14 pillowcases

Barbara Vartanian of Greene, NY = 3 quilts

Jan VanOvermeer of Sioux Falls, SD = 18 pillowcases

Pauline Oliver of Tacoma, WA = 2 quilts

R Lawrence of Henderson, NV = 22 pillowcases

Patricia Williams of Venice, FL = 1 quilt

Tennessee Valley Packaging of Huntsville, AL = 6 quilts, 3 pillowcases

Kathleen Irvine of Washington, DE = 6 pillowcases

Judy Schwandt of Niles, IL = 25 pillowcases

Margaret Trim of Gahanna, OH = 1 quilt

D Eitel of Trenton, NJ = 13 pillowcases

?? of Easton, PA = 1 quilt

Donna Fairchild of Horseheads, NY = 6 pillowcases

Charles & Ronda Taraboletti of Belleville, IL = 9 pillowcases

Katherine McBride of Silverdale, WA = 3 quilts

Jeri Rait of Orting, WA = 3 quilts

Lynne Miranda of Dewey, AZ = 8 quilts, 12 pillowcases

Linda Drummond of Groveland, CA = 6 quilts, 9 pillowcases

Barbara Maddow of Glendale, AZ = 2 quilts

Linda Decker of Worland, WY = 1 quilt

Quilting Chicks & Rooster of Bethany Presbyterian Church = 1 quilt, 48 pillowcases

Beverly Weld of Olympia, WA = 1 quilt, 16 pillowcases

Joyce Fukumoto of Kailua Kona, HI = 1 quilt

Gail Twitchell of Williston, VT = 40 pillowcases

Jean Stevenson of Roswell, NM = 4 quilts, 27 pillowcases

Joyce Redmon of Springfield, MO = 8 quilts

Pat Wyatt of Herndan, VA = 5 quilts

Joni Keskey of Brownstown, MI = 1 quilt

Mary Archer of Yorktown, VA = 1 quilt

Betty Disanza of Limington, ME = 1 quilt

Audrey Partas of Webster, NY = 4 quilts

St. Paul Lutheran Church of Winlock, WA = 14 quilts

Sandy Braun Spurgin & neighbor of McMinnville, OR = 9 quilts

Lynne Mulcahey of Union Springs, NY = 2 quilts, 6 pillowcases

J. Wittgen of Gearhart, OR = 1 quilt

Bonnie Rennaker of Kuna, ID = 2 quilts

Mary Stewart of Oak Harbor, WA = 3 quilts

Peggy Scott of Bismarck, ND = 1 quilt

Candace Spong of Camano Island, WA = 2 quilts

Martha Diehl of Plano, TX = 3 quilts

Janet Palmer of Chalfont, PA = 2 quilts

Diane Bishop of Albuquerque, NM = 13 pillowcases

Cheryl Miller of Chicago, IL

Pat Wilson of Idabel, OK = 12 pillowcases

Linda Lynch of Hermosa Beach, CA = 13 quilts, 16 pillowcases

CJ Novak of Howards Grove, WI = 1 quilt, 23 pillowcases

Beverly Howard of Henderson, NV = 13 quilts

Donna Smith/Theresa of Lafayette = 11 quilts, 20 pillowcases

Kathleen Irvine of Wilmington, DE

Cheri Ucci of Palmetto Bay, FL = 2 quilts

??? of Easton, PA = 1 quilt

Marie James of Denver, CO = 3 quilts, 9 pillowcases

Arlene Schweiger of Davis Junction, IL = 1 quilt

Nancy Harrison of Urbana, IL = 20 pillowcases

The Honey Bee Quilters Guild of Jacksonville, FL = 4 quilts, 26 pillowcases

Donations sent to the Southern Oregon (Phoenix, Talent, Paisley) area:

Carmen Hoffman of Hanna City, IL = 2 quilts, 11 pillowcases

Carla Ball of Woodbine, MD = 12 pillowcases

Garvine of Miami, FL = 3 quilts

Nancy Sanders-Williams of Columbus, OH = 4 quilts

Ann Lamprey of Manlius, NY = 11 pillowcases

Kathi Downey of Lompoc, CA = 17 pillowcases

Melanie Elliott of Kensington, KS = 12 pillowcases

Yolanda Cypher of Fenelton, PA = 6 pillowcases

Methodist Church of Denison, IA = 6 quilts, 10 pillowcases

Margo Clabo of Cleveland, TN = 2 quilts

K Thompson of Jonesville, WI = 1 quilt

Judy Caldwell of Chatsworth, Ga = 22 pillowcases

Debbie Vesnel of Butler, PA = 5 quilts

Patty McDonald of Murrieta, CA = 6 quilts

Hummingbird Stitchers Quilt Guild of Sierra Vista, AZ = 11 pillowcases

Sherie Lagendyk of Powell, OH = 1 quilt

Carol Turner of Canon City, CO = 13 pillowcases

Allan Miller of Punta Gorda, FL = 3 quilts, 2 pillowcases

Beth Smith of Brooklyn Park, MN = 1 quilt

Barbara Cook of Menominee, MI = 1 quilt

Carole Marger of Dayton, OH = 1 quilt

??? of Fairfield, IA = 3 quilts, 2 pillowcases

McClun of Lititz, PA = 13 quilts

Linda Rice of Choteau, MT = 12 pillowcases

Jinny Beyer Studio of Great Falls, VA = 14 quilts

Meredith Corporation of Des Moines, IA = 100 pillowcases

Durham Quilting Bees of Durham, OK = 12 quilts, 4 pillowcases

K McGraw of Cypress, CA = 6 pillowcases

Diane Murphy of Perry, NY = 4 quilts

Beverly Weld of Olympia, WA = 1 quilt

Tami Aschen Bernner of Ione, CA = 2 pillowcases

Elizabeth Macomber of Hudson, MA = 1 quilt

Jeanne Netherwood of Hidden Valley Lake, CA = 3 quilts

Renee Lackey of Kihei, HI = 1 quilt, 1 pillowcase

Davidson United Methodist Church of Davidson, NC = 12 pillowcases

Cranberry Country Quilters of Eagle River, WI = 1 quilt, 1 pillowcase

Peggy Tschetter of Lompard, IL = 23 pillowcases

Linda Cary, Barbara Becker, & Mary Wade of Niskayuna, NY = 4 quilts, 10 pillowcases

LJ's Tops & Bottoms of Boynton Beach, FL = 1 quilt

Pau Shelburne of Ann Arbor, MI = 9 pillowcases

W Niffengegger of Kalona, IA = 2 quilts

S Ware of Auberndale, MA = 16 pillowcases

Kim Kirschner of Summerfield, NC = 2 quilts, 6 pillowcases

Evening Star Quilters Guild of Belvidere, NJ = 2 quilts, 10 pillowcases

Judy Zeitler of Eston, PA

AnnMarie Tegen of Rhinelander, WI = 3 quilts

Zion Piecemakers Hurricane of Washington, UT = 5 quilts

Bob & Sharon Davis of Cherry Hill, NH = 1 quilt

Janet Smith of St. Helens, OR = 1 quilt, 2 pillowcases

Elsie Ridgley of Oak Point, TX = 2 quilts, 2 pillowcases

Gordan & Sally Wolfe of Erie, CO = 1 quilt

Alice Crowder of Texarkana, AR = 3 quilts, 3 pillowcases

Mandarin Lutheran Church of Jacksonville, FL = 1 quilt, 13 pillowcases

Katherine McBride of Silverdale, WA = 4 quilts

Bejeweled Quilts by Barb of Atlanta, TX = 15 pillowcases

Michelle Barlow of Florence, MS = 12 pillowcases

Billie Beckman of Port Orchard, WA = 26 pillowcases

Nell Weddington of Cleveland, NC = 36 pillowcases

?? Harris of Fort Dodge, IA = 3 quilts

Donna Laing & Helen Marshall of Fort Washington, PA = 2 quilts

Millicent Leaming of Laramie, WY = 34 pillowcases

Athina Emory of Casstown, OH = 6 quilts

?? Wheeler of Washington DC = 6 pillowcases

Carol Stanonik of Rice Lake, WI = 6 pillowcases

Kelley Chromy of Lakeville, MN = 8 pillowcases

Norma Anderson of Saint Joseph, IL = 6 pillowcases

Paul & Gail Wilson of Helena, MT = 1 quilt, 10 pillowcases

?? of Douglasville, GA = 1 quilt, 5 pillowcases

Paul Shelburne of Ann Arbor, MI = 2 quilts

Diane Plunkett of Jay, NY = 6 quilts

?? of Menlo Past, CA = 3 quilts

?? Harrison of Urbana, IL = 5 quilts

Carol Picchini of Moorpark, CA = 1 quilt

Sue Kavran & Nancy Grayson of Dillon, MT = 9 quilts

Regina Downey of Limon, CO = 4 quilts

Suzette Jackson & Diann Meadows = 28 pillowcase

Maria Wilske of Graham, NC = 9 quilts

Wendy Rottner of Shoreham, NY = 8 quilts

Mary Rosenthal of Chicago, IL = 12 quilts

Marcy Clausen of Muscatine, IA = 3 quilts, 2 pillowcases

Jeanne White of Port Orange, FL = 6 quilts

?? Hahn of Jacksonville, NC = 3 quilts

Sarah Fredericks of Chicago, IL = 6 quilts

Sheila Hartl of Mesa, AZ = 9 quilts

Karyla Parrish of Wyoming, MN = 15 quilts, 47 pillowcases

Mary Floyd of Fort Worth, TX = 3 quilts, 11 pillowcases

Merry-Beth Noble of Landrum, SC = 4 pillowcases

Patricia Zitterich of Georgetown, TX = 8 pillowcases

Donna Sciandra of Buffalo, NY = 22 pillowcases

Beverly Weld of Olympia, WA = 1 quilt, 3 pillowcases

Brenda Baughman of Manassas, VA = 2 quilts

Colleen Rockwell of Federal Way, WA = 5 quilts

Laura Wood of Bothell, WA = 3 quilts

Deb Lippert of Hayward, WI = 6 quilts, 19 pillowcases

Pat Meger of Maricopa, AZ = 3 quilts

N.H. Smith of Nuevo, CA = 20 pillowcases

Deborah Kinsey of Pikesville, MD = 4 pillowcases

Gail Schultz of Milwaukee, WI = 24 pillowcases

Kathy Sims of Alexis, IL = 3 quilts

Rebecca Winburn of Little Rock, AR = 12 pillowcases

Carol Devries (Prout) of North Calwell, NJ = 4 quilts

Wendy Legg of Harpswell, ME = 1 quilt

Alice Deleonardes of Arroya Grande, CA = 4 quilts

Patricia Sargent of DeSoto, MO = 58 pillowcases

Sue Brown of Mount Vernon, WA = 3 pillowcases

Irene Froheich of Austin, MN = 2 quilts

Betty Robertson of Doylestown, PA = 2 quilts

Elizabeth Macomber of Hudson, MA = 1 quilt

Sandra Pike of Boynton Beach, FL = 3 quilts

Lois Fleck of Orchard Park, NY = 1 quilt

Decker of Worland, WY = 1 quilt

Jodi of Prescott, AZ = 31 pillowcases

Stitch Witches 4-H Club of Union County, OR = 103 pillowcases

Lois Pflueger of Churchville, PA = 1 quilt

Chavez of Kansas City, MO = 28 pillowcases

Driftwood Christian Church of Vallonia, IN = 10 quilts

Karen Mickelson of Isanti, MN = 48 pillowcases

Sarah Wolfe of Houston, TX = 6 pillowcases

Denise Johnston of Fanklin, MA = 1 quilt, 9 pillowcases

Cache Valley Quilters of Hyrum, UT = 41 pillowcases

Lyanna Anderson of Dover, DE = 1 quilt, 1 set of mittens

First Congregational United Church of Christ UCC
c/o Bonnie Camp of Waukesha, WI = 17 quilts, 33 pillowcases, Ear/Neck Warmers, 4 new stuffed animals

K Secor of Hinsdale, IL = 12 quilts

Ted Vanrandwyk of Niceville, FL= 5 quilts
Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild of Crestview, FL

Linda Lewis of Pardeeville, WI = 1 quilt

Mandarin Lutheran Church, Sit 'N Stitch Group of Jacksonville, FL = 14 pillowcases

Sewcial Quilters of Clark County, Kohoka, MO = 3 quilts, 4 pillowcases

Sharon Ware of Auburndale, MA = 26 pillowcases

Anita Uhl of Oregon City, OR = 4 quilts, 3 pillowcases

All About Quilting, Kirsta Meadows of Jacksonville, NC = 34 pillowcases

Rebecca Krueger of Waukesha, WA = 3 quilts, 25 pillowcases

To date: 539 quilts and 1944 pillowcases have been collected.

We will continue to add on to this list as we process the incoming donations.
Last updated 11/30/2020.

10/16/2020 Update:  Call for donations is now closed.  We have filled our need for the Oregon Wildfire victims.  If you have already shipped a package, we will make sure it gets distributed to any remaining families in need.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing generosity!!!!
Bear Creek Quilting Company

and the BCQC Team
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