Project Pillowcase Challenge 2022

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Bear Creek Quilting Company

2023 Maywood Studio Maker
I am a 2023 Maywood Studio Maker!
Posted by Shari on October 27th, 2022

Project Pillowcase Challenge 2022

Another year, another chance to bring comfort to those in need.

Project Pillowcase Challenge 2022
It is that time of year where GIVING is in air.  Maybe it's the changing of the seasons, with the rustling of fallen leaves and wanting to snuggle inside.  Maybe it's the excitement of family coming for special holiday visits and dinners.  Maybe it's the overwhelming feeling of being grateful for all we have.  Whatever the reason, this time of year touches many of our hearts just a little more.

Bear Creek Quilting Company Pillowcase Challenge 2022
For this year's Pillowcase Challenge we have set a goal to donate 750 pillowcases.  It's easy for you to take part in the challenge, even if you're a new sewer!  (We have all the details listed below.)

Pillowcases are such an amazing creation of love that is more than just pieces of fabric sewn together.....
  • For foster children, it may be all they have available to carry their few possessions as they leave an unhealthy/broken home.
  • For families that have just lost everything in a house fire, it may be the first piece of comfort.
  • For veterans and seniors, it may be the only article they receive during the gift-giving season.
Bear Creek Quilting Company Pillowcase Challenge 2022
Who doesn't like another reason to play with beautiful quilting fabrics?!

Pillowcases are a fun and fast sewing project.  I know from experience, they are addictive! I start out to sew just a few pillowcases and before I know it I am sewing up piles of lovely coordinated fabric.

This is a great project for beginners learning how to coordinate only need 3 pieces of fabric!
  1. Start with a main fabric print for the body of the pillowcase.
  2. Pick a coordinating fabric for the pillowcase cuff.
  3. Then add a tonal or blender style fabric for that cute little flange.
Pillowcases are also a good introductory sewing project or a first project for a young sewer.

Bear Creek Quilting Company Pillowcase Challenge 2022
So let's get to sewing!  We have set a lofty goal of 750 pillowcases for those in need this holiday season.  With your help, we are sure we can make it and we have included prizes to help incentify you!  The more you make, the better your chance at winning one of the online Bear Creek Quilting Company Gift Certificates.

Pillowcases should be shipped to us for organizing and distribution.  We are looking for pillowcase fabric themes for all ages and genders; kids, teens, adults, and seniors.  Full details are outlined below.

We will begin distributing to charitable organizations in early December.  We are working with several local agencies to determine their need.

We encourage you to check with your own local agencies for needed donations.  At this time, only pillowcases shipped to us for distribution will be eligible for the challenge. 

You can find an easy Burrito-Style FREE Pillowcase Pattern available HERE.

Below is a wonderful Burrito-Style FREE Pillowcase Video Tutorial available from Sew Very Easy:

Project Pillowcase 2022 Challenge Details:
    • Challenge runs from October 27th - November 30th, 2022.  Final shipments must be received no later than December 6th, 2022, to count toward entries for prizes.
    • There are no specific pillowcase measurements required to participate.  The common size listed in the pattern and video are acceptable.
    • Regular cotton quilting fabric or cotton flannel fabric should be used.  Other fabrics types (knits, minkee, polyester, etc.) are not acceptable for this challenge.
    • Top three individual contributors, will each win an online Bear Creek Quilting Company Gift Certificate:
      • First Place Individual Winner = $100 Gift Certificate
      • Second Place Individual Winner = $50 Gift Certificate
      • Third Place Individual Winner = $25 Gift Certificate
    • Top two sewing group contributors (private groups, guilds, churches, 4-H clubs, etc.) will win an online Bear Creek Quilting Company Gift Certificate:
      • First Place Winning Group = $100 Gift Certificate
      • Second Place Winning Group = $50 Gift Certificate
    • Winners will be notified directly and announced on December 17th, 2022.  Announcements will be posted in this blog and in the Weekly Round-Up Newsletter.
    • Winners must have an USA shipping address to accept an online Bear Creek Quilting Company Gift Certificate.
    • Shipping instructions:
      • Please wash all pillowcases before shipping.
      • Fold neatly and place in a plastic bag, inside your shipping package.
      • Include your name, address, email, and phone number with the pillowcases.
    • Ship to: 
      • Bear Creek Quilting Company
      • Attn: Project Pillowcase Challenge 2022
      • 2175 South Main Road
      • Lebanon, OR 97355
    • You can send as many packages as you wish.  We will keep tally of your contributions.

Contributors are only eligible to win in one of the two contributor tiers: individual or group, not both.  Bear Creek Quilting Company employees and families are encouraged to contribute to the challenge but are not eligible for prizes.  Any decisions not listed that arise are at the discretion of Bear Creek Quilting Company.
Bear Creek Quilting Company

and the BCQC Team
Bear Creek Quilting Company
Follow along our Pillowcase Challenge Journey below.  We will update this page as often as we receive new shipments.  Are you ready to participate?
October 27th, 2022 - Challenge Kicks-Off!

11/2/2022:  Our first delivery!  Thank you Linda D of Wyoming!

11/8/2022:  Thank you Susan C of Texas!

11/10/2022:  Thank you Bev W of Washington!

Thank you Sharon D of Oregon!
Thank you Ivy V of Alabama!
Thank you Linda D of California!
Thank you Sharon H of Iowa!
Thank you Dayla B of Kansas!
Thank you Patricia M of Montana!
Thank you Cindy H of Oregon!
Thank you Michele A of California!

Thank you Carol S of Wisconsin - - In memory of Samantha Cannady who passed too young at 3 years old.

Thank you Joan C of Oregon!
Thank you Cindy T of Missouri!
Thank you Claudia O of California!
Thank you Miriam H of Minnesota!
Thank you Viriginia O of California!

Thank you Sandra T or Illinois!
Thank you Billie H of Montana!
Thank you Annie D of Oregon!

Thank you Nan G of Oregon!
Thank you Pat W of Washington!
Thank you Debra S of Texas!
Thank you Ronda H of Michigan!
Thank you Lynn C of Florida!
Thank you Susan C of Texas!
Thank you Linda W of Oregon!
Thank you Sandra S of Oregon!
Thank you Rosemary L of New Hampshire!
Thank you Judy K of New Hamphsire!

Thank you Deb J of Utah!
Thank you Karen P of Ohio!
Thank you Linda D of California!
Thank you Deborah B of New York!
Thank you Kristie P of South Carolina!
Thank you Shari T of Ohio!
Thank you Janet H of Nebraska!
Thank you Vicki M of Minnesota!
Thank you Sarah B of Washington!
Thank you Paula R of Washington!
Thank you Barb D of Minnesota!
Thank you Leslie S of New York!
Thank you Linda P of Florida!
Thank you Connie S of Washington!

Thank you Linda G of Oregon!
Thank you Anne R of Michigan!
Thank you Catrina N of Oregon!
Thank you Alonda W of Texas!
Thank you Sandy S of Oregon!
Thank you Mary F of California!
Thank you Joan C of Oregon!

Thank you Chris B of Oregon!
Thank you Bonnie P of Oregon!
Thank you Catrina N of Oregon!
Thank you Susan M of California!
Thank you Sue T of Washington!

November 30th, 2022 - Challenge Ends!

Thank you Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild Featherweight Group of Missouri!

Thank you Gail S of Wisconsin!
Thank you Sue S of Pennsylvania!
Thank you Patricia Z of Texas!
Thank you Maureen F of New Jersey!
Thank you Becky S of Washington!

Thank you Ronda T of Nevada!
Thank you Sandra C of New York!

Thank you Coraleen B of Kansas!
Thank you Michelle K of Pennsylvania!
Thank you Anonymous of Nevada!
Thank you Karen D of Oregon!
Thank you Anne D of Oregon!
Thank you Barbara P of Massachusettes!

Thank you Rhenda W of Oregon!
Thank you Judy S of Illinois!
Thank you Susan S of Ohio!
Thank you Kamas Valley Quilt Guild of Utah!

December 6th, 2022 - Last day to receive shipments!

12/6/2022:  Current count total: 1060

Thank you Elaine C of New York!

12/12/2022:  Current count total: 1080

December 17th, 2022 - Winners Announced HERE!
Top three individual contributors:

First Place Individual Winner = Anne Rightler (106 pillowcases)

Second Place Individual Winner = Susan Combs (71 pillowcases)

Third Place Individual Winner = Virginia Over (44 pillowcases)


Top two sewing group contributors

First Place Winning Group = Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild Featherweight Group (41 pillowcases)

Second Place Winning Group = Kamas Valley Quilt Guild (18 pillowcases)

11/30/2022:  Foster Family Support =  76 Pillowcases

12/5/2022:  Shop with a Cop = 150 Pillowcases
12/5/2022:  Oak Creek Correctional = 50 Pillowcases
12/5/2022:  Enliven Foundation = 30 Pillowcases
12/5/2022:  Obria Pregnancy Center = 20 Pillowcases
12/5/2022:  Trillium & CASA = 150 Pillowcases

12/12/2022:  Furniture Share of Albany (Oregon) = 300 Pillowcases

12/19/2022:  The River Center = 279 Pillowcases