Diagonal Joy Quilt Sew-Along: TRIANGLE UNITS

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2023 Maywood Studio Maker
I am a 2023 Maywood Studio Maker!
Posted by Shari on October 15th, 2023

Diagonal Joy Quilt Sew-Along:  TRIANGLE UNITS

Welcome back!  Yippee....Let's get to sewing our first units!

(The Just Two Charm Pack Quilt is required to participate.  The book is available HERE.)

Follow the "Triangle Units" piecing instructions in your Just Two Charm Pack Quilts book for the Diagonal Joy Quilt.

Diagonal Joy Quilt Sew-Along
                                Diagonal Joy Quilt Sew-Along
You will be using your Fabric A and Background Fabric for this step.

Diagonal Joy Quilt Sew-Along
Ta-Da!  Pretty!

I preferred to press my seams to the darker fabric.  I also use a shorter stitch length so my side seams don't pop open.

Diagonal Joy Quilt Sew-Along
A tip I have for nice flat seams is to press and then lay a wooden clapper on the units as they cool.  You can also use a thick magazine or book to achieve the same outcome.
To stay organized, I have another Label Sheet for organizing your Units and Blocks.

You can download a blank label sheet HERE.

Here is the Diagonal Joy Quilt Sew-Along Schedule:

09/25/2023 - Week 1:  Introduction
10/02/2023 - Week 2:  Fabric Requirements/Selection
10/09/2023 - Week 3:  Cutting
10/16/2023 - Week 4:  Piecing Triangle Units (We are here!)
10/23/2023 - Week 5:  Piecing Corner Units
10/30/2023 - Week 6:  Block A
11/06/2023 - Week 7:  Units 1 & Units 2
11/13/2023 - Week 8:  Block B
11/20/2023 - Week 9:  Assembly
11/27/2023 - Week 10:  Finish!

Our Diagonal Joy Quilt Sew-Along Private Facebook Group is available for requesting to join is....HERE!

Be sure to answer all the questions carefully and agree to the group rules.  Only quilters that have purchased the book are allowed to join. The Private Facebook Group is a great place for sharing progress and asking questions.  It is not required to join to participate in the sew-along. I am the moderator for all posts in the group.  Please keep your posts on topic and supportive of your fellow sew-along companions.

I will see you back here next Monday for Piecing the Corner Units.

Have a great week!

Questions??  Email us at sales@BearCreekQuiltingCompany.com
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