Taylor Seville Bobbin Topper PLUS

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Bobbin Topper PLUS by Taylor Seville

Bobbin Toppers  are the fun and practical way to store your bobbins.  If you're tired of misplacing your bobbins and having to hunt them down, hunt no more!  With Bobbin Toppers  you can store each bobbin with its corresponding thread spool.  The Bobbin Topper  is uniquely crafted to fit most home embroidery and sewing thread spools.  To prevent unwinding of bobbin thread, simply use the thread lock slit on the side of the bobbin topper. 

Fits thread spools with larger holes: 3/8 inch - 5/8 inch diameter; Aurifil, Isacord, Glide,and Hemmingworth.

  • 8 - plastic bobbin toppers; white and green
  • Manufactured by Taylor Seville