Quilters Dream Batting Natural Cotton - Deluxe (Super Queen 93"x121")

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Quilters Dream Batting - Cotton Deluxe Loft

Quilters Dream Batting  proudly offers premium quality quilt batting manufactured for independent quilt shops.  Quilters Dream Batting  provides warmth, drape, volume, definition, and support; an exceptional choice to provide the best foundation for beloved quilts.  From show pieces, to wall hangings, to heirloom quilts lasting through generations of love.

Cotton - Deluxe Loft:  Quilters Dream Batting  uses the finest cotton available; no scrim, glue or binders.  Quilters Dream Batting proudly bears Cotton Incorporated's Black Seal.  Quilters Dream Batting  has a very high thermal value (R-3.8).  It is warm yet light and breathable.  Long staple cotton fibers combined with their special needle punch process prevents shifting and bunching.  Stitch up to 8" apart.  No prewashing required.  May be machine washed and dried.

Quilters Dream Batting Cotton Loft Scale:  Request (thinnest, approximately 3 oz), Select (mid, approximately 4 oz), Deluxe (high, approximately 6 oz), Supreme (highest, approximately 8 oz)

  • 1 - batting; 93 inches by 121 inches
  • 100% Cotton
  • Manufactured by Quilters Dream Batting
  • Proudly made in the USA!