Aurifil Thread Color Builder - Sardinia Pink

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Color Builder by Aurifil Thread

Introducing Aurifil Color Builder, a capsule of twelve curated mini-collections inspired by (and named after) Italy’s most vibrant and colorful destinations.  Each collection contains three large spools of 50wt thread — a warm, a medium, and a dark — within the location’s primary color palette.  From the lemon groves of Sicily to the pink sand beaches of Sardinia to the clear teal waters of Capri to the stark city grey of Milan…each collection is crafted to evoke images of our beloved Italian landscape.  The colors were selected not only for their aesthetic appeal, but for their practicality in every day use.  Quilter, sewist, and makers will appreciate the Color Builder  collections for their beauty and for their utility.

Sardinia Pink:  The Spiaggia Rosa sparkles and glistens in the Summer sun.  Waves lap at the shore while your feet slowly sink deeper into the pink sand.  You stand, perfectly still, a light breeze brushing your skin.  You look out over the sprawling turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea, taking in the subtle scents of the flowering Mirto plants in the distance. 

  • 3 colors included:
    • 2410 - Pale Pink
    • 2425 - Bright Pink
    • 2530 - Blossom Pink
  • 50 Weight/1422 Yards
  • Orange plastic thread holder
  • 100% Mako Cotton
  • Manufactured by Aurifil