Windham Fabrics Ebb and Flow 108 Inch Wide Backing Fabric Aqua

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Ebb and Flow by Essoldo Design for Windham Fabrics

Ebb and Flow is Kate R. Leach's first collection with Windham Fabrics, featuring deep rich hues, ornate designs, and luxurious metallic details. Kate is an artist, illustrator, and tutor based in Hertfordshire, UK. She is obsessed with embellishment, so her work often features a myriad of dots, decorations, and most importantly, gold! Windham brought Kate's fabric to life by adding metallic embellishments to match her artwork. The metallic is soft and never overpowering. It adds just the right bit of shine and dimension to the prints, and especially, to your projects.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 108" wide backing fabric
  • Manufactured by Windham Fabrics
  • Price is per yard
  • Expected release date is May 2024