Tumbler Quilts

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Tumbler Quilts

Just One Shape - Endless Possibilities, Play with Color and Design

If you were drawn to quilting because you love color and fabric, then single-block quilts are a perfect way to jump right in!  Tumbler blocks are easy to make and work wonderfully with pre-cuts and fabric scraps, resulting in endless design opportunities!  Get started with simple tumbler block instructions before diving into 16 projects, from modern to traditional. 

You'll learn how basic design concepts, such as color placement or altering values, brings life to a quilt.  Discover how you can achieve more complex patterns by changing the shape of the tumbler along with more advanced techniques.  Explore 16 quilt projects ranging from traditional to modern, from bold patterns to art quilts With so many simple to complex design options, tumbler quilts are inviting for both beginners and more experienced quilters. Each quilt project is a learning opportunity.  Valerie explains why and how each one works so you can use the concept for future projects.

  • 80 pages
  • Authored by Valerie Prideaux
  • Published by C&T Publishing
  • Copyright 2023