Blooming Lovely Layer Cake by Moda

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Blooming Lovely by Janet Clare for Moda

Would you believe me if I said Blooming Lovely  was inspired by a chocolate Labrador called Muffin?  Every time I see Muffin (who wears a very fetching lilac collar) in the park when were walking our dog Wilson, I notice how lovely the lilac and chocolate brown color combination is.  So I sat down to draw with my sepia ink and lilac watercolors and started painting and playing.  Before long, I had pages and pages of floral watercolor paintings to send to Moda.  Blooming Lovely  is filled with fresh, pretty and painterly florals, and to say thank you for the inspiration, I painted little Muffin the dog for the selvedge!  ~Janet

  • 42 - 10 inch squares
  • Square pack may include duplicates of some prints
  • 100% Cotton
  • Manufactured by Moda