The Handmade Quilt

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The Handmade Quilt

A Complete Skill-Building Sampler

Stitching quilts by hand not only connects us to the long tradition of quilt making but is also oh-so-modern!  The technique is portable and can be done while on-the-go.  It is a relaxing, meditative process that can also be shared and enjoyed in a social group.  The Handmade Quilt  provides a complete learning experience for new quilters.  Starting with basic techniques, a needle and thread, and the reader’s own two hands, the author teaches how to create a heirloom-quality quilt that is a beautiful sampler of stash-busting blocks.  Skillbuilding: The fifteen blocks are set out in order of ease of stitching, starting with the most basic blocks and concluding with gorgeous show-stoppers that are the centerpieces of the sampler quilt.  Comprehensive: a complete learning experience for new quilters and a stunning sampler project for experienced stitchers.  Unique: No other book available today covers the how-to of hand stitching and hand quilting blocks in such a thorough manner.

  • 144 pages
  • Authored by Carolyn Forster
  • Published by Martingale
  • Copyright June 2018