Riley Blake Designs Wildwood Wander Hidden Owl Rose

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Wildwood Wander by Katherine Lenius for Riley Blake Designs

Since my children were small we've gone on nature walks. Even when those walks were only through our neighborhood we'd collect treasures like feathers, rocks, seeds, and leaves. We'd look for birds and inspect the stumps of fallen trees for mushrooms. As my children got older we ventured further away from home and started discovering new trails and paths we'd never visited. This collection is inspired by those years spent wandering through the woods, whether those woods were practically in our own backyard or in northern Minnesota. The artwork originates from collected pictures of woodland wildflowers, a barred owl we spotted one evening, and the memories of exploring the wild places around us.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 43"/44" wide
  • Manufactured by Riley Blake Designs
  • Price is per yard