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On Maple Lake Squares (10") by Marcus Fabrics

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On Maple Lake by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics

Pam Buda draws on her Midwestern upbringing, where of all the seasons, she enjoyed fall the most by far.

"Every October when I was a kid my extended family would all meet at Maple Lake for a cookout. The lake is completely surrounded by a myriad of trees all putting on Mother Nature's big autumnal show. After our meal, we would all walk the forest green trail that takes you all around the lake, swishing our feet in piles and piles of leaves. The collection was inspired by the memories of sun shining, crispness in the air, lots of laughter and leaves of every color." ~Pam

  • 40 - 10 inch squares
  • Square Pack may include duplicates of some prints
  • 100% Cotton
  • Manufactured by Marcus Fabrics