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Moda Bake Shop:  Did Someone Say Cake?

A Dozen Quilts from 10" Layer Cake Squares

Cake is served! Whether it's the kind you eat or the fabric variety, we're all in. And you will be too! Especially once you see how easy it is to turn a stack of precut 10" Layer Cake squares into an enticingly beautiful quilt you'll enjoy for years to come.

Each of the 12 patterns begins with the same basic ingredients--a Moda Layer Cake (10" Squares) and some background fabric yardage. But these quilt designs couldn't be more different than chocolate cake is from pineapple upside-down cake. So whether you raid your pantry (er, fabric stash) or you shop for a new favorite bundle (or both!), you're bound to find a few Layer Cake patterns that are perfectly suited to your taste.

  • 80 pages
  • Authored by Lissa Alexander
  • Published by Martingale
  • Copyright February 2022

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