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Underground Water by Janet Nakamarra Long for M&S Textiles

Water is a most precious commodity in Northern Territory. Annual average rainfall in Alice Spring is about 24mm. 90% of territories water supply come from underground. The Todd River flows through Alice Springs only when there is a downpour of rain water, otherwise most of the time the river is just dry sand. However, there is a Regatta every year. This is the only Regatta race in the world held on dry sand and soil, known as Todd River Race. In the old days there was no 'town water' supply available. Despite this, Aboriginal people knew where to find drinking water. Water was available underneath the soil near trees, rocks, and new wild bird movements, etc. Aboriginal people used digging sticks, coolaman etc. to dig and fetch the water to drink. Janet Long is a well known and skilled artist and she wonderfully depicted soakage, aquifers porous, rocks, etc. her artwork is excellent and vivid.

M&S Textiles Australia is the largest manufacturer of Australian Aboriginal designs printed on quality 100% cotton fabric. Aboriginal artworks are popular throughout the world and the only living ancient artworks. Its tradition goes back 50,000 years ago revealed by carbon dating of rock painting, cave painting, etc. It is amazing that many of the artists do not have any formal education or training.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Manufactured by M&S Textiles
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