Henry Glass Tree House Tiny Floral Black

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Tree House by Kate Mawdsley for Henry Glass & Co., Inc.

I like to create images that tell a story. I had an idea that it would be nice to have a treehouse fabric collection. The collection would include all sorts of different animals like squirrels, birds, underground rooms for mice, rabbits and hedgehogs. Then I couldn't resist adding cats and dogs! I have a tabby and a white cat. They often appear in my art as do various other pets that belong to my friends and family. I have enjoyed creating the Tree House collection for Henry Glass Fabrics and hope it will make a super patchwork quilt. ~ Kate Mawdsley

  • 100% Cotton
  • 43"/44" wide
  • Manufactured by Henry Glass & Co., Inc.
  • Price is per yard
  • Expected release date is October 2022