Henry Glass Fabrics Scrap Happy Mixed Media Multi Cocoa

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Scrap Happy by Janet Rae Nesbitt for Henry Glass Fabrics & Co., Inc.

There's no better way to make a scrappy quilt than by using One Sister's crazy piecing technique!  Many people have a hard time making scrappy quilts, and this time around, club quilts are definitely Scrap Happy!  You and your students are in for a crazy good time as you join together each session and let the crazy good times begin!   This collection was designed by One Sister with the One Crazy Sister Club in mind.  One Sister designer, Janet Rae Nesbitt, has long been known for her scrappy quilting techniques and crazy pattern style.  Janet incorporates a unique primitive color palette with her Crazy pattern method, blending prints and yard dye fabrics to create her unique look.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 43"/44" wide
  • Manufactured by Henry Glass Fabrics & Co., Inc.
  • Price is per yard
  • Expected release date is January 2021