Elite Gelato Ombre Tonal Pink/Yellow

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Elite Gelato Ombre Tonal Pink/Yellow

Elite Gelato Ombre Tonal by Elite

A most versatile fabric!  An ultra-gradual ombre pattern with vibrant coloring and a dramatic appearance.  Each ombre ranges in value from dark to light and the subtle linear print adds depth and interest.  Color graduates from dark at the selvage edge to light in the center, then back to the opposite edge.  The graduation of color explodes yard after yard!

Pictured image is of the color transition from selvage to center of fabric; approximately 22 inches.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Manufactured by Elite; a division of EE Schenck Company
  • Price is per yard
5.5 item(s) available.
Item # EESGEL11216-903