Dandi Duo Layer Cake by Moda

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Dandi Duo by Robin Pickens for Moda

"Dandi Duo
  is the sister collection to Dandi Annie,  one of my favorite groups with big white dandelion seed puffs and lots of childhood memories.  The beautiful and dreamy weeds are still growing strong and back for another season of blowing wishes to the wind.  The main print in Dandi Duo  features the big dancing seed puffs along with golden blooms that have yet to turn to seed, backed by big pink circles and flowing leaves.  A simpler illustrated Dandi Toile and dandelion paisley coordinate with the group, as well as Little Bitties of simply sketched blooms and a Cross Stitch Stripe for a linear companion.  Flyaway Seeds is a delicate print of seedlings in flight.  The existing colors of Thatched  create the palette of Dandi Duo:  Maize, Gray, Shadow, Greenery, Sugar Rose, Peach and Blizzard.  These light and happy colors are balanced with the calm, serene nature of the grays and cool white.  Dandi Duo  feels happy and free.  I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me!  Close your eyes, make a wish and blow!  Set your dreams free...~Robin

  • 42 - 10 inch squares
  • Square pack may include duplicates of some prints
  • 100% Cotton
  • Manufactured by Moda