A New Twist

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A New Twist

Turn 6 Easy Blocks Into 12 Colorful Quilts

Who knew what your scraps could do! Choose a fun block, give it a new twist in your layout, and see the quilt design change before your eyes like the colors of a kaleidoscope! Best-selling author Nancy Mahoney shows how the same asymmetrical block can create two strikingly different quilts when you change the colors and rotate the block to let the secondary designs emerge. An expert teacher with an extraordinary eye for design, Nancy demystifies what baffles many quilters about choosing fabrics for scrappy quilts. Learn her tips about color families, scrap plans, and construction techniques. Most of all, enjoy a burst of creativity as you give your scraps a spin and watch the magic happen!

  • 64 pages
  • Authored by Nancy Mahoney
  • Published by Martingale
  • Copyright March 2022
  • Expected release date is March 2022