57 Buttermilk Acres

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57  Buttermilk Acres

Mixing Vintage & New for a Cozy, Inviting Home

Home is where you honor the everyday happenings and celebrate special events and accomplishments.  If decorating your house and making it a home, filled with the things you love most, is one of your passions, then 57 Buttermilk Acres  is chock-full of ideas for you!

Discover how author Stacy West creates layers of cozy home decor in settings large and small, mixing vintage finds with new favorites, for a rich blend of style and functionality.  Indulge in more than 350 gorgeous photos and learn how to create the looks from start to finish.  In the end, you'll create a style all your own.

Note:  This is a decorating inspiration book.  There are no patterns or instructions for projects.

  • 240 pages
  • Authored by Stacy West
  • Published by Martingale
  • Copyright August 2022
  • Expected release date is August 2022